Original Smoker

Original Smoker

Original 4 Rack Electric Smoker

Original 4 Rack Electric Smoker

The Bradley Original features 4-Rack capacity and automatic feed system that enables you to load up your smoker with nine hours of Bradley Flavor Bisquettes.

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The Bradley Original Food Smoker makes Food smoking is simpler than ever before! Forget about refilling wood all the time, wIth up to 9 hours of no wood refilling, food smoking gets a lot easier, and wood never burns down to ash. In other words, enjoy your no babysitting, no hustle experience with all of our recipes. Additionally, this is all simply at the push of a button. Above all you enjoy delicious, consistent, pure smoke taste thanks again to Bradley’s PureSmoke Technology. Bradley Bisquettes are sold separately.

Technical Specs

DIMENSIONS15"W x 11.5"D x 25.5"HT
SMOKING AREA19" HT useable smoking area above drip tray
RACK AREA572sq" (4 x 11 x 13)
POWER120 V 50 – 60 Hz, 5.5 Amps (European: 240 Volt – 50 Hz) ETL & CE Listed
MINIMUM TEMPERATURESubject to ambient temperature
RACKS CAPACITY4 racks (11" X 13" cooking space each)


The Bradley Smoker carries with it a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Requirements and Limitations:

Warranty is effective from the date of purchase. Keep your sales receipt as proof of purchase date. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of components as determined by Bradley Technologies Inc. Bradley Technologies at its discretion will provide a replacement component for any component found by Bradley Technologies to be defective and shall not be responsible for any re-assembly. This limited warranty is non-transferable and becomes void if product is used for commercial or rental purposes. Warranty covers manufacturer's defects only. This limited warranty will not reimburse you for the cost of any inconvenience, food, personal injury or property damage. Warranty is valid only in the country of purchase. Shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the original consumer/purchaser for all in/out of warranty parts orders. Serial number of the smoker must be provided on all warranty claims.

Bradley Technologies excludes from its warranty the following:

Defects/damage resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, alteration, improper assembly/installation, vandalism are not covered. Damage resulting from weather conditions including but not limited to hail, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, wind, rain, or snow is not covered. Normal wear and tear, chipping and scratching on painted surfaces is not covered. Discoloration from exposure to sunlight, heat or chemicals is not covered by this warranty. Failure to perform regular maintenance, safety checks and service. Including but not limited to removal of grease build up resulting in a flash fire, damage caused by grease fires is not covered by this warranty.

To ensure your satisfaction register your smoker online at: www.bradleysmoker.com

For warranty and customer services please call: Canada 855-772-3539 - USA 866-508-7514


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Smoking is easy.

Food smoking isn’t all adrenaline and flame. Smoke says something beautiful’s in the air. Your food nurtured slowly over time by a method that’s timeless. The Bradley Smoker is a whole new generation of food smokers. Pick a recipe, a bisquette, and then set the time and temp. See how a Bradley Smoker so easily adds flavor to everything.

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Smoke Almost Anything.

If you can eat it, you can smoke it. Try your hand at hot smoking made simple with a Bradley Smoker. Or try cold smoking with our cold smoke adaptor.

Smoked salmon. Nuts. Beer. Whisky. Even cheese. In smoking, everything.

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