What's The Secret to Great Smoked Flavor?

The secret is to use clean smoke. Bradley electric smokers give you a huge amount of control and a very precise smoke, but best of all give you a clean smoke flavor. That means,

  • Each bisquette burns at a precise temperature and for a precise time.
  • No ashy taste
  • No harmful chemicals are released into the smoke or into your food

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Smoking Today


Smoking is easy

Food smoking isn’t all adrenaline and flame. Smoke says something beautiful’s in the air. Your food nurtured slowly over time by a method that’s timeless. The Bradley Smoker is a whole new generation of food smokers. Pick a recipe, a bisquette, and then set the time and temp. See how a Bradley Smoker so easily adds flavor to everything.



Smoke Almost Anything

If you can eat it, you can smoke it. Try your hand at hot smoking made simple with a Bradley Smoker. Or try cold smoking with our cold smoke adaptor.

Smoked salmon. Nuts. Beer. Whisky. Even cheese.

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