Smoked Mushroom Caps Recipe

Smoked Mushrooms Caps is an easy recipe and it will add elegance to any meal. Smoked mushrooms stuffed with smoked sausage, what could go wrong?

Yield: 12 mushroom caps  Prep Time: 15 minutes


12 Medium sized mushrooms, stems removed

2-3 Italian sausages (varies depending on size of mushrooms and sausages)

12 Cubes of extra old cheddar (½ inch cubes)

¼ Cup BBQ sauce

Bradley Flavor Bisquettes – Apple, Cherry, Maple 


  1. Squeeze the raw sausage meat out of the casings. Press some sausage meat into each of the mushroom caps.
  2. Press a cube of extra old cheddar into the sausage meat in each mushroom cap.
  3. Brush with BBQ sauce.
  4. Place the mushroom cap on a Bradley Smoker rack.
  5. Set the smoker to 250°F using Bradley Flavor Bisquettes of choice (apple, cherry, or maple work great).
  6. Smoke the mushroom caps for 2-3 hours.

Recipe by: Steve Cylka