How to Make Smoked Bacon Venison Hamburgers

Get ready to savor the bold flavors of these tantalizing Smoked Venison Bacon Burgers. Marinated overnight in a special blend, the venison hamburger meat is topped with savory bacon, smothered in BBQ sauce (add some jalapeno peppers for an extra kick), then expertly smoked at 300ºF. As the cheese melts over the perfectly cooked patties, you'll be treated to a mouthwatering burger that's sure to satisfy your cravings.


1 lb venison hamburger meat marinated overnight

Pieces of bacon

Bbq sauce



Add 2-3 pieces of bacon on top of your venison hamburger.

Add BBQ sauce on each burger patty. (Add jalapeno peppers if you'd like more kick to your burger).

Place your patties on a rack and place them into the smoker and smoke it at 300 F (149 C) and set the timer for half the time.

Once the patties are done, put a couple slices of cheese on top and close the smoker and let the cheese melt.

Once the cheese has melted, bring out your patties and enjoy!

Recipe by: Wade Middleton


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