Smoked Salmon Stuffed Portobellos Recipe

What do you do with leftover Salmon….. I know, how often does that happen?! BUT, if you do, this is a recipe you are going to want to make. Hands down one of the best things we’ve made in a while! Hold on to your hats, let’s get it going!!!


6-8 Oz smoked salmon

1 Package cream cheese

¼ Cup Fontina cheese

¾ Cup smoked Gruyere (separate into ¼ and ½ cup)

1 Tbsp chives - diced

½ Tsp dried dill

1 shallot - fine dice

1 Tbsp hot sauce

4 Portobello mushrooms - stem removed and Gills cleaned out

Garnish with Chives


Start your Bradley Smoker with Alder bisquettes and bring to 300ºF (148.9°C). While the smoker is preheating, mix all of your ingredients (except for the ½ cup of reserved Gruyere) together in a bowl. Divide into 4 amounts and spoon into the hollowed-out Portobellos. Use your hand to pack it into the mushroom. Top each Mushroom with the reserved cheese and place a small chunk of the smoked salmon on top of it all.

Once the smoker is to temp, place the mushrooms on a wire rack and send it into the smoke. Cook for 40 min till mushrooms are tender and the cheese is melty. Remove from the smoker and allow to rest for a minute. Top with chives and serve with a nice green salad and peas!


Recipe by: Cory Walby – Saturday Night Test Kitchen


Alder Wood Bisquettes

Alder is commonly used for smoked salmon because of its milder flavor. However, thanks to its light, sweet, and musky flavor, it's a smooth smoke flavor perfect for almost any dish.

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