Smoked Corned Beef Recipe

After years of braising, steaming, boiling, grilling, etc.I found one of the easiest and best ways to prepare Smoked Corned Beef. You might want to give it a shot. It’s excellent!

Smoked up a brisket flat a while back and set the point aside to make some corned beef. I used a brine for this one and it was just salt and spices. Just be sure the foil doesn’t have a leak or tear somewhere allowing the steam to escape.

After curing for 10 days, I rinsed and put in crock pot. Then covered with water and some pickling spices.

Let cook till almost tender, then threw in some home grown taters.

One hour later threw in some carrots.

And don’t forget about the gravy. It’s a good enhancement.


Corned beef (any size)

Coarse ground pepper

6 onions - sliced about ¼ or  inch thick

1 large sheet heavy duty foil


Place corned beef on foil and cover with coarse pepper.

Put onion slices all over it, using toothpicks where necessary to hold them.

Secure foil across top, then sides, leaving air space inside, but so no liquid can leak out.

Place in pan at least 2″ deep. Bake in 350ºF (176.7°C) oven for 3 hours (no matter what size).

Boil or steam your choice of cabbage, carrots and potatoes in juices drained from pan (plus some additional liquid as necessary).

Optional: While veggies are cooking, glaze beef with 1 cup brown sugar and ¼ cup mustard.

Bake uncovered 15 minutes at 350ºF (176.7°C).


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