Summer Sausage

The recipe I used is actually a spicy snack stick recipe, but it makes great summer sausage.


  • 10lbs meat (I used a chuck roast)
  • 3tsp ground celery
  • 3tsp white pepper
  • 3tsp nutmeg
  • 3tsp curry powder
  • 5Tbs salt
  • 2tsp curing salt
  • 1tsp liquid smoke (optional)
  • 1cup non-fat dry milk (binder)
  • 5Tbs powdered dextrose
  • 1cup ice water


  1. Stuff mixture into 2.5 inch casings the length of the racks.
  2. Dried sauage at 100°F for an hour.
  3. Start the smoke and increase temperature to 130°F for one hour.
  4. Next increase temperature to 150°F for the next hour.
  5. Final temperature adjustment is 170F for 5 hours or to the sausage’s internal temp of 152°F.


Turned out great! There was just a bit of fat rendered off the sausage, so next time I will max out the temp at only 160°F and let it set for a while longer.

If you don’t have all day to do these thick chubs, you can pull them out after a few hours and put them in a 170°F hot water bath on the stove until they hit 152°F. Should only take 30 minutes or so.