Smoked Wood Duck with Orange Sesame Marinade Recipe

Smoked Wood Duck with Orange Sesame Marinade

So you’re home from a successful duck hunting trip and have been tasked with making dinner for the family.  Fire up the Bradley and make this tasty smoked wood duck with orange sesame marinade and a side of fried rice!

  • Score skin on 4 boneless breasts and marinate overnight in refrigerator. Use oriental orange sauce of your choice. If injected you can marinate for one hour, using 2-3 oz for injected meat. Otherwise, use 5-8 for overnight marination.
  • Smoke using Bradley Pacific Blend  Bisquttes in a Bradley Smoker for 30-35 minutes or less.
  • Then move to preheated saute pan ( Medium Heat) sear marinated duck breasts beginning with Skin side down, until flesh is firm.  Place saute pan in 400 degree oven for 4-5 minutes, until duck’s flesh is is medium rare.  Serve with fried rice

Fried Rice

  • Prepared 1 box of Uncle Ben’s fried rice side dish, according to instructions on the box.  Add 1/2 bag of frozen peas, one cup diced or cubed carrots and 3 scrambled eggs to taste.

Don’t have any wood duck?  This recipe works great with rabbit, pork, turkey or chicken. Enjoy!