Smoked Maple German Sausage Recipe

Smoked Maple German Sausage Recipe

The smoked maple german sausage recipe is great served in a frying pan to enjoy with potatoes, mushrooms and onions.
They are also delicious with eggs and pancakes, with maple syrup.

Ingredients are enough for two (2) batches.


● 25kg (50 lb) lean pork
● 4kg (8lb) lean beef
● 225ml (15tbsp) salt
● 45ml (3tbsp) pepper
● garlic powder to taste


1. Grind the pork and beef.
2. Mix the meat together thoroughly with the remaining ingredients.
3. Stuff the meat mixture into natural hog casings.
4. Make sure the temperature around you is as low as possible throughout this process.

Smoking Method:

1. Place sausages on racks in the Bradley Smoker.
2. Using Maple flavor bisquettes
3. Smoke for approximately 8 to 10 hours with the damper wide open.
4. The temperature should be between 60°C to 70°C (140°F to 160°F).
5. If you mixed together the amounts called for in the recipe you will have to smoke in two
batches, leaving half the recipe in the refrigerator while you smoke the first batch.