Smoked Hungarian Sausage Recipe

This Smoked Hungarian Sausage Recipe is not for the faint of heart and cannot be achieved without commitment. But the taste is excitingly reminiscent of ‘házi kolbász’ This is a homemade sausage people used to make in the villages during hog slaughter. It was supposed to be stored and eaten much. When ready, rest them refrigerated and covered up at least for overnight, or up to two days before smoking. Smoke the sausages until the color turns to a nice red.


10 kg or 22 lb pork meat combined with fat from the belly of a pig
190 g or 1/2 cup + 7 tsp table salt
20 g or 3 Tbsp black pepper, ground
120 g or 1 cup sweet Hungarian paprika
60 g or scant 1/2 cup] garlic, minced
10 g or 1 + 1/2 Tbsp caraway seeds, ground
20 g or 1 + 1/2 Tbsp sugar
20 g or 3 Tbsp hot Hungarian paprika

Equipment needed:
Krups 402-70 The Butcher Shop Meat Grinder
medium hog casings
Bradley smoker


Cut the meat and the fat into chunks.
• Place all ingredients in a large container and mix thoroughly.
• Cold meat grinds more easily, so keep the meat refrigerated until ready to grind.

• Put the seasoned meat through the meat grinder.
• Add 2 liters of pleasantly warm water. (The water will evaporate during smoking)
• Combine water-spice mixture with meat until thoroughly incorporated.

• Remove casings from the refrigerator and knot one end.
• Lightly coat the stuffing funnel with cooking spray.
• Slip the other end of the casing over the mouth of the funnel.
• Continue to push the remainder of the casing up onto the funnel until you have reached the knot.

• Begin to force the meat into the casing with one hand while using the other to control the thickness of the sausage as it is extruded.
• Remember, the sausage will shrink when it cooks, so you want a nice plump sausage. But be careful you don’t overstuff or the casing will burst.
• Keep extruding until the casing is used up. Tie a knot in that end. You can either leave the sausage in a large coil or twist it at 6-inch intervals to make links.

• Rest the sausage refrigerated and covered up at least overnight or up to two days before smoking.
• Smoke the sausage until the color turns to a nice red (needs supervision on when that happens). Smoke the links for at least 3 hours, making sure the temperature stays below 85°F (29.4C). You can smoke the salami for up to 8 hours if you like a really smoky link.