Smoked French Dip Sandwiches

This delicious prime rib recipe will leave your mouth watering. Added with onions and horseradish sauce, this sandwich is perfect for family and friend cookouts! 


Prime Rib 

Black pepper 


Chopped onions 




4 cups of Beef broth

1 cup mayo 

Dollop of sour cream 

Tbsp of horseradish

1 lemon slice 

1. Cut out the silver skin of your prime rib and season it up with black pepper and salt. 

2. Sear your seasoned prime rib over an open fire until all the sides are brown. 

3. Pre-heat the Bradley P10 smoker to 250 F (121 C) and put your beef into the smoker. After about 3.5 hours, your Bradley P-10 smoker should hit 135 F (57 C). 

4. While your beef is smoking, cut 1-2 onions and fry them with garlic and one spoon of butter. Add your onions when the mix is starting to look brown, mix all together. 

5. Put 4 cups of beef broth on a stove and start cooking it and mixing occasionally. Pour 2 cups of your beef broth into your onion and garlic mix gradually and stop frying when everything looks golden-brown. 

6. In a separate smaller bowl, mix together mayo, a dollop of sour cream, the juice from one lemon slice and horseradish and mix it together.

7. Bring out your beef and pour out the broth from the beef that was in the smoker into your beef broth on the stove. 

8. Start slicing your beef into pieces and cut your bread and put the beef broth on one bread and the horseradish mix on another. 

9. Put your onion saute on top of the horseradish mix and put your beef on top of that and enjoy! 

Recipe by: bbqandbottles