Smoked Roquefort Steer Burger Recipe

Roquefort Steer Burger Recipe

This is a Burger that’s unusual and great. It has a surprising twist. NO Ketchup or Mustard. From there it’s up to you. You can either grill or smoke the burger. I prefer to smoke at 200° for about 20 min then hit the grill until done.


  • Ground chuck seasoned – the fat gives a better flavour.
  • Sesame Seed burger bun


  1. Make burgers about 1/2″ thick and big enough to completely cover a large Sesame Seed burger bun. Salt and Pepper to taste. They’ll end up weighing about 1/3+ pounds each.
  2. Place in a 200°F preheated smoker, and apply 20 minutes of smoke. Then remove from smoker and finish cooking them on the grill.
    • Or just fully cook on the grill.
  3. Toast bun lightly and spread good “Roquefort Dressing” on both insides of bun.
  4. Top with burger and onion, Vlasic Hamburger Dill pickle. PLUS: whatever strikes your fancy (Lettuce, tomato, Bacon).

Comment: I’ve tried it with Blue Cheese Dressing but it just doesn’t have that bite that Roquefort throws at you.

I usually make my own dressing because good chunky Roquefort Dressing is just hard to find. Blue is easy to find.