Pit Talk: The 7 Essentials Of A Damn Good Smoke-Out

Pit Talk: The 7 Essentials Of A Damn Good Smoke-Out

Posted on: March 15, 2021
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What is the magical secret of the pitmasters that makes them so popular? This is a common question that every barbeque lover has thought of at least once. Here we are going to decode the secret of pitmasters with the seven essential qualities of perfect smoking.

#1. Tender meat

A perfectly smoked steak should be tender from inside even when it has reached perfect doneness.

#2. Succulent

The steak should be juicy and succulent after cooking. Though the outer part gets the most heat, still it should never become dry.

#3. Smoky flavor

A barbecued steak should have the classic smoky flavor and not the artificial one that is created with liquid smoke and sauce.

#4. Uniform fat rendering

When the meat heats up the fat in connective tissues melts to secrete juice that gradually gets absorbed when it is completely cooked. This fat rendering has to be even on all sides of the meat for enhanced flavor and tenderness.

#5. Enhanced rub for flavor

The meat has to be marinated properly with a dry or wet rub before smoking it so that the flavor reaches the center of the steak.

#6. Perfect doneness

Food smoking reaches perfection only if the meat is cooked completely without ending up overcooked or under-cooked from any part.

#7. Firm texture

Even after the meat is smoked completely and it is tender and succulent, it should retain its firmness. A perfectly smoked steak maintains a firm texture till it is served.

Dos and Don’ts of Food Smoking

Now that you already know the seven essential qualities of perfectly smoked food, take a look at the ways to achieve it. These are some simple Brand tips & tricks to help you know what you should or should not do to ace the art of smoking.

Cook slowly: Barbeque should be done without disturbing the food much. This may damage the texture and result in uneven cooking. Also, slow cooking ensures uniform fat rendering to keep the meat tender after cooking.

Best cuts of meat: Always use fresh raw meat for smoking and get the best cuts like brisket, ribs, etc.

Use flavored smoke: Woods like hickory, maple, cherry, etc. give added flavor to the meat. A more convenient option is Bradley Bisquettes, specially designed wood chips that burn longer and extinguish before turning to ash. Bradley Bisquettes are available in 17 different flavors.

Don’t forget the rub: A proper marinate can create wonders for food smoking. Also, a flavorful rub complements the smoky flavor to enhance the taste without overpowering it.

Features required in a quality Food Smoker

From all these expert tips it is clear that fuel, heat, and flavor determine the level of perfection in pro food smoking. It can be difficult for a beginner to master all these criteria at once. This is where a quality smoker can help. Even pitmasters rely on pro smokers to attain perfection in food smoking.

A quality food smoker must have all advanced features that allow the smoker to work on its own without much attention. Bradley Smoker is one such option that has been trusted by the pros for years. Each model of Bradley Smoker comes designed with advanced technology and user-friendly features for a hassle-free delectable food smoking experience.

Check out the necessary features of a quality smoker below.

Multiple heating system: Different types of food demand different ways of smoking/ cooking. To cater to all such requirements Bradley Smoker comes with multiple heating elements that can function as cold smoker, hot smoker, dehydrator, and oven.

Automatic feeder: Every model of Bradley Smoker can automatically feed fuel to offer constant heat for up to 10 hours (varies as per model). This is where you can escape the extra chores of refueling, checking the fuel tray frequently, etc.

Magnetic doors: The magnetic door prevents the smoke from escaping the chamber affecting the cooking process. The container will keep moisture out and lock freshness in. The insulated body ensures user-safety and magnetic doors prevent smoke from escaping the chamber to reduce cooking time. Bradley Smoker comes designed with an insulated stainless steel body, magnetic doors, and removable racks for faster smoking and easy cleaning.

Digital interface: You can preset the desired temperature and time of cooking for every food before starting the smoking process. The smoker will cook at the set temperature and you can enjoy your time with friends and family.

Automatic heat controls: Bradley Smoker, like other quality smokers, come with internal thermostats that help to maintain a consistent temperature inside the chamber. This ensures your food is cooked evenly and you don’t have to check the temperature frequently.


Here we’ve shared with you the essentials of good food smoking so you can enjoy some delicious smoked foods and ace the art of food smoking with these Bradley tips & tricks. We hope these simple tips have made you confident to fire up the smoker this season and surprise your loved ones.

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