How To Get Better Smoke From Your Food Smoker

How To Get Better Smoke From Your Food Smoker

Posted on: January 16, 2023

An important part of getting the perfect smoked meat every time is a consistent temperature inside the smoker. The secret is that the size of the wood chips and density need to be as uniform as possible to give you the right amount of pure smoke over a long period of time.

At Bradley, we’re obsessed with getting the smoke spot on so that your meat turns out delicious with the right amount of smoke flavor. The Bradley Bisquettes are specially designed with a secret process to be uniform in size and density. This means that you get the consistent temperature and smoke over a long period you need so your meat turns out delicious every time.

We also now offer flavored Bisquettes too! Now with the flavored Bradley Bisquettes, you can smoke in a large variety of flavors as well. Bradley Bisquettes are available in a range of delectable flavors like alder, apple, cherry, maple, hickory, oak, pecan, pacific blend, mesquite, etc.

How air flows through the smoker

Every Bradley Smoker is classified as a natural draft smoker. The air is allowed into the smoker continuously from the bottom or the side of the smokehouse. There are no fans and there is no way for smoke and or air to be contained in the Bradley Smoker.

Why would you want to contain the smoke anyways? The smoke that imparts the truly good smoke flavor is in the initial smoke.

It is another myth that you can’t open the door and check your food, close the door and not worry about losing all that smoke. You want to lose the smoke because more great-tasting smoke is just seconds away from being made. (But be aware that the more you open the door, you’ll lose heat, so keep that in mind)

Remember to keep the vent open at all times when smoking because you’ll need the vent for the moisture that will escape from whatever you’re smoking to get out of the tower. Otherwise, the moisture will condensate and rain this awful “black rain” on your food and will also run out the bottom of the door. Furthermore, moisture trapped in the tower will also hold your temp in the box down.

Why Use An Electric Smoker

Electric smokers like Bradley’s tend to be easier to use and have a much smaller learning curve, and are also safer than traditional smokers. Electric smokers are more conducive to smoking meat year-round. In comparison, charcoal smokers that are made from thin metal are unable to hold the same amount of heat during cold months.

A quality food smoker must have all advanced features that allow the smoker to work on its own without much attention. The Bradley Smoker is one such option that has been trusted by the pros for years. Each model of Bradley Smoker comes designed with advanced technology and user-friendly features for a hassle-free delectable food smoking experience.


Here we’ve shared with you How To Get Better Smoke From Your Food Smoker so you can enjoy some delicious smoked foods and ace the art of food smoking with these Bradley tips & tricks. We hope these simple tips have made you confident to fire up the smoker this season and surprise your loved ones.

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