Canada Day or 4th of July -  Meat Extravaganza

Canada Day or 4th of July - Meat Extravaganza

Posted on: January 11, 2023

My family moved into our current home eight years ago, during the month of June. In the desire to have a bunch of family over, and host a gathering in our new house, we had a big July 1st Canada Day BBQ.

I did not expect that this was the start of an annual tradition, but it has, and it is now one of my favourite days of the year. For the past eight years, we have hosted this Canada Day BBQ in our backyard.

A Party to Serve Over 30 People

There are usually about 30 family members that come, and the rules are simple. I will provide and cook the meat and everyone else is responsible to bring salads, desserts, drinks and other munchies.

I spend the day on the deck with my smokers, grills and pizza oven. I cook up so much meat that this BBQ has developed the nickname “Meat Extravaganza!”.

Pulled pork, ribs, cedar plank salmon, chicken, atomic buffalo turds, skewers, steak, burgers, hot dogs and more. Yes, they all make an appearance at the Canada Day Meat Extravaganza.

There is not much more satisfying for me that seeing everyone eating and having a great time!

The Most Difficult Task is to Choose What to Smoke

Canada Day is coming up and I cannot wait for this year’s BBQ. I plan to have both my Bradley 4 rack and 6 rack smokers full of meat.

One of the most difficult tasks is to determine what is going to fill up those racks. Yes, it is hard to choose from so many options. This year, I am seriously thinking of making some St. Louis cut pork ribs, Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar Pork Bites (recipe on this site), Smoked Dragon Jalapeno Poppers (recipe I wrote for the Bradley Smoker Cookbook) and some chicken wings.

I may even go to the local butcher and see what is either on sale, looks really good, or inspires me.

Bradley Smokers are Perfect for Great Events

The Bradley Smokers are great for events like this, because they can hold lots of food on their racks to feed a pile of people. I personally love smoking meat for big BBQ parties because I can leave the meat in the smoker with the door closed, unattended.

The Bradley takes care of everything, while I am visiting with family and friends. Then, when we are ready to eat, those smoker racks hold so much goodness!

Canada Day is one of those classic holidays perfect for a big BBQ. People south of the border have their own holiday, a few days later, on July 4th.

These are great times to gather with friends and family to celebrate all the good things we have. I truly hope that if you are having a BBQ this July 1st or 4th, that the sun is shining, the drinks are cold and the smoker is smoking!!!