Bradley Bisquettes Smoke Flavor Guide

Bradley Bisquettes Smoke Flavor Guide

Posted on: January 10, 2023

Food smoking provides you the unique opportunity of adding delicious flavour to your food in ways that cooking in a kitchen cannot afford. There’s no better way to lend that irresistible smoky flavour than with Bradley’s legendary Bisquettes!

Our Bisquettes are the secret to the Bradley Smoker. Their unique design causes them to be burned at consistent temperatures and for controlled periods of time. They consist of precise quantities of hardwood chips, coupled with controlled pressures and densities.

Perfect, Consistent Results

Using the Bradley Bisquettes, you don’t have to worry about your chips burning too hot for too long, and giving your food an off-taste. They’ll give you perfect results! The same results that Bradley users have been enjoying for years.

Part of the excitement of food smoking is experimenting with different hardwoods. Try out till you find that perfect woody flavour for your food.

Here is a smoke flavour guide to help you on your quest. You’ll notice that we offer all of the common smoking hardwoods and a few of our own flavourings like Pacific Blend and Special Blend.

Bookmark this page so you can use it as a point of reference next time you fire up your Bradley. Happy smoking!