Why You Should Use Bradley Bisquettes To Smoke Food

Why You Should Use Bradley Bisquettes To Smoke Food

Posted on: January 13, 2023

Selecting the ideal wood to use when smoking food in a smoker can be a daunting process.

Why Bradley Bisquettes

Bradley Bisquettes are an exceptional way to add delicious smoke flavor to your food in a Bradley smoker. They are made with natural hardwoods or fruitwoods without adding any harmful additives or other chemicals. This makes them produce cleaner smoke that gives off a natural smoky flavor to your food. The Bradley Bisquettes are also available in many flavors depending on the wood being used.

Why use Bradley Bisquettes on your smoker? Here are some of the top reasons customers love our bisquettes for the perfect smoke every time.

  • It produces clean smoke without any harmful components since no chemical substances are added during the production processes.
  • It burns for an extended period of time, which makes them cheaper since you will require fewer bisquettes throughout your smoking session. One bisquette burns for approximately 20 minutes. Also, it maintains consistent smoking during the entire smoking process. Because the burn time is constant, it makes it is easy to maintain temperature control.
  • The bisquettes are available in dozens of flavors, depending on the wood used. You can enjoy a variety of flavors to experiment with smoking meats.
  • Bradley bisquettes are compressed in compact sizes that are stackable. They do not need a lot of storage space and are convenient to transport. You can buy all the bisquettes you need for a big smoke without worrying about space.

The Price Of Bradley Bisquettes

These bisquettes are available in a wide range of prices based on a few different factors. These factors include the number of bisquettes in the pack, the type of wood they are made up of, and the bisquettes’ flavor profile.

Generally, Bradley bisquettes are cheaper than many types of wood used for smoking. Also, they are cost-effective because they have a longer burn time. For example, you only need three bisquettes for an hour of smoking. That would be less than $1.40 an hour, buying from bradleysmoker.com.

The Different Types of Wood For Food Smoking

Smoking wood is normally found in many sizes and shapes. Here are some of the other types and their pros and cons:

  • Logs: They are mainly used on a stick burner. In this scenario, you will need to burn down the log to ember before starting the smoking process. You will need to reach a higher temperature to produce the right amount of smoke and maintain that temperature over a long period of time. It’s very difficult to use logs for smoking and get consistent results.
  • Chunks- Another type of wood used for smoking are wood chunks. They are rough, around the size of your fist, and burn reasonably well. Chunks are easier to manage than logs, but it can still be difficult to maintain the right amount of heat and smoke over a long time period.
  • Chips-They are smaller in size than chunks (around the size of a coin). These pieces of wood are easy to find and burn quickly. Wood chips can work well for short smokes but aren’t uniform enough in density and shape to give you a consistent heat and smoke over a long period of time.
  • Pellets-Wood pellets are made from hardwood sawdust that is compressed to make them compact. They have a cylindrical shape and are sometimes available in different flavors.

Bradley Bisquettes VS. Pellets

Bradley Bisquettes are specifically designed to work in Bradley smokers. Pellets are also very common on the market. Our bisquettes have some similarities to pellets and some significant differences.


Bisquettes and pellets use similar sources of energy used in food smoking.

Below are some of their similarities:

  • Compressed wood: Both bisquettes and pellets are compressed to save on space. However, our bisquettes are specially designed to burn and give off a consistent amount of smoke every time.
  • All-natural: Both bisquettes and some pellets are made of natural and renewable products that produce clean smoke. This makes the smoky flavor you enjoy without harmful chemicals


  • Consistency: Bradley bisquettes are specially designed to give you the right amount of heat and smoke every time. This level of detail is why world-class chefs and high-end hotels use our bisquettes.
  • Flavor: Pellets and other fuel sources burn down to ash. This ash leaves a foul flavor in your smoked meat. Our bisquettes are designed to extinguish before they burn down to ash so you get clean smoke flavor every time.
  • Requires less space: Both Bradley bisquettes and pellets need less space to transported and stored. They are more convenient to store for numerous food smoking sessions without taking up too much space. Pellet smokers burn 1 to 3 pounds of pellets per hour. On the other hand, with 3 pounds of bisquettes (a 120ct box) you can run your smoker for 6 hours.

Final Thoughts

Bradley Bisquettes give delicious smoked meat every time. They are the ideal fuel source for the Bradley Smoker and can also be used in other smokers too.

Here we showed you how the bisquettes produce the right smoky flavor, burn consistently, for an extended period of time, and don’t turn to harmful ash like other fuel sources.

Check out more of our Bradley tips & tricks on our blog to learn how to take your food smoking to the next level of delicious.