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How To Use The Best Food Smoking Accessories

Posted on: August 09, 2021
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Most people look for the best food smokers to make their food smoking sessions easier and more fun. Well, that is true but what many of us usually forget is the accessories that complete a perfect food smoking experience. They are simple tools that can not only reduce additional tasks but also makes the food smoking experience more enjoyable.

7 Must-have Smoking Accessories

Here are a few essential smoking accessories that make smoking safer, easier, and more flavorful.

Digital thermometer with probe

1. Digital thermometer with probe

A smoker thermometer eliminates all kinds of guesswork and frequent checking on whether the food is ready. Just insert the probe into the core of the thickest part of the steak to read the exact temperature. It is advisable to grab a battery-operated thermometer with an in-built stand for hassle-free food smoking.

Smoke generator with adaptor

2. Smoke generator with adaptor

With this, you can re-purpose any old cabinet or chamber into a food smoker. It has two parts, a generator, and an adapter. The adapter helps the generator to produce smoke consistently. Best smoke adapters come with flexible attachment options.

Cold smoke adaptor kit

3. Cold smoke adaptor kit

This wonder tool can turn your hot smoker into a cold smoker within minutes. Just take the fuel burner and smoke box out of the smoker chamber. The kit usually contains an adaptor and generator. It cools down the smoke when it passes through an aluminum tube to give a perfect cold smoking experience in the comfort of your home. Bradley Smoker is one of the renowned brands that offer a smoke adapter kit that is designed to fit in any Bradley smoker.

Stainless steel rack

4. Stainless steel rack

Smoking racks are necessary to utilize the space inside your smoker chamber. It can be inverted on the existing rack to maximize the space of the food smoker. The racks are ideal for smoking foods that take up a large amount of space.

Sausage Hooks

5. Sausage hooks

These metal hooks are absolutely necessary to hang sausages, ribs, ham, or even fish fillets. These hooks ensure uniform smoking of the food from all sides and also help to better utilize the space inside the smoker.

Bradley Smoker Heating Element Replacement, Replacement Heat Bar 120V

6. Replacement heat bar

If you feel your smoker is not effectively heating due to the cold weather or for any other reason, the replacement heat bar can save the day. It can be easily installed inside the smoker to get the effective heating needed for the smoking process.

Bradley Smoker Non-Stick Silicon Mat, Magic Mats, 4 Pack, Black

7. Silicon mats

While you try hard to avoid any unnecessary cleaning after the smoking session, something as little as food sticking to the rack can be a tough task to clean. This is when a nonstick silicone mat can help. You can place them on the rack and then smoke the food over it. As it has a non-stick surface, the food remains can be easily removed. Moreover, you can also serve smoked food on this mat.

Tips to pick the right smoker and fuel

As we have mentioned earlier, you need a good smoker to cook perfectly smoked steaks. The accessories are tools that make the whole process easier and safer for you. Similarly, the right fuel also goes a long way in making sure the meat has a rich smoky flavor.

So here is a quick guide to identifying the right smoker and the fuel to make tasty smoked foods at home.

User-friendly features

Instead of constantly checking the smoker to see if the temperature is constant and whether the food will be prepared in time, get a food smoker that has in-built digital presetting options. Bradley Smoker comes with a digital console that allows pre-setting smoking time and temperature as per the requirement of the recipe.

Operates independently

Gone are the days when you have to constantly monitor your smoker. It’s time to choose a food smoker with advanced features like an automatic bisquette feeder. Bradley smokers can work constantly for up to 10 hours without any intervention and comes with a range of advanced features including an automatic bisquette feeder.

Versatile heat system

A good smoker can perform both hot and cold smoking to cater to all kinds of cooking requirements. The food smokers from Bradley Smoker have dual heating elements that can perform like a hot smoker, cold smoker, dehydrator, and oven.

Designed for convenience

A food smoker should be designed to make your job easier and safer. This is why all Bradley smokers come with magnetic doors and an insulated body for faster cooking. The removable racks and side panels also make cleaning easier.

Bradley Smoker Digital 4 Rack Electric Smoker, 31", Silver

Fuel for the smoker: It is important to choose a fuel that will not burn to ashes imparting a foul smell to the food. Also, the fuel should generate low and uniform heat throughout the smoking process. Compressed sawdust and wood chips are good options but you have to replace them before they burn to ashes. This is where Bradley Bisquettes can help. Bradley Bisquettes are specially designed wood chips to burn longer and extinguish before turning to ashes. They are available in 17 different flavors to further add flavor to the food.

Now that you know the essential smoking accessories and tips to pick the right smoker, we hope your next smoking session will be better and safer than ever. We hope these Bradley tips & tricks have been helpful to you. For more great Bradley tips and tricks along with how to get the most of your Bradley Smoker, check out the awesome articles on our Bradley Smoker Food Smoking Blog.