Can You Smoke Food in the Rain?

Can You Smoke Food in the Rain?

Posted on: January 16, 2023

It is better to stay prepared for any downpours before organizing a cookout. Rain can be really harsh for any party and in the case of food smoking, it can be disastrous if you are not prepared to tackle the situation. Rain comes with three major challenges to food smoking.

Here we will be discussing these challenges and the simple solutions to save your outdoor parties.

Problems caused by rain during food smoking

Wind: Sometimes a mild shower is accompanied by an extremely chilly wind. This can affect the smokebox by fueling up the fire, making it burn out faster. This might considerably increase your expenses on wood.

Using your Bradley: As electric smokers, it needs to be guarded against the rain, so the electric components are not damaged.

Drop in the temperature: The temperature starts to fall during and after the rain. This can have an adverse impact on the temperature inside the food smoking chamber. In such a situation the cooking time is delayed which might ruin the original flavor and texture of the food.

Make sure you plan or change your cooking times, to make sure you compensate the temperature and allow the internal temperatures of your preparations are reached.

Higher level of precipitation: When raindrops settle on the outer body of the heated smoker, it starts evaporating. When it evaporates, it takes away heat from the smoker. This can further lower the temperature inside the smoking chamber.

With your Bradley, as you’ll be using it in a covered area and protected by the rain, this problem is avoided.

Tips to use food smoker in the rain

It is well-known that rain will affect food smoking. However, we are here to help you save the day with some brilliant yet simple tips to shield your smoker.

Go for a smoking canopy: This is by far the most convenient solution to combat light downpours during smoking. A canopy doesn’t require much upkeep for installation. It can be taken down as soon as the smoking session is over or the rain stops. Most importantly, it effectively shields the food smoker from all sides.

Find Or Get A Covered Patio or Cabinet: Our smokers are meant for outdoor use, so a covered patio or a cabinet to protect the smoker is the best solution.

Use fire-resistant insulation blankets: Some chefs use fire-resistant water heater blankets to keep the temperature inside the smoker from dropping. They offer good insulation to protect the smoker from rain and wind.

Tricks for perfect smoking in the monsoon

Now that you already know how to safeguard your food smoker during rain, here are some quick hacks to make the food more flavorful. With these tricks, you can save the outdoor cooking session any day, even in harsh monsoons.

Choose the best cut: Rain can prolong the cooking time which means meat can become chewy or dry by the time it reaches desired temperature. This is where the best cuts of meat can be a savior. These cuts have more connective tissues that ensure the meat stays tender even after prolonged cooking.

Use mild flavoring: As the temperature may fluctuate because of the cold wind and rain, the intense flavor can ruin the taste when the food needs to be cooked a little longer. It is better to relish the food with mild flavoring.

Have patience: You have to understand that rain will cause delays in the smoking process no matter how hard you try to reduce the delay. So be patient with the process and you will be rewarded with tasty results.

Good food smokers can help: A good food smoker can automate most of the functions like the wood feed (auto feeder), smoking time and temperature (digital pre-setting), hot and cold smoking (dual heat elements), etc. For instance, food smokers from Bradley Smoker come with advanced features that can perform all these tasks without much intervention. The best thing about Bradley Smoker is that the food smokers come with a magnetic door and an insulated body that helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the smoker.

Get The Perfect Wood Source: Bradley Bisquettes are the perfect solution for your food smoking needs. Bradley Smokers extinguish the bisquettes before they turn to foul-tasting and harmful ash, generating deliciously clean and taste-enhancing smoke for your food.

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With that, we are concluding our list of tips and hacks for smoking like a pro in the rain. By following these simple Bradley tips & tricks, you will be able to smoke meat during rains and treat your guests to good, tasty food. For more great ideas on how to get the most of your Bradley Smoker, check out the awesome articles on our Bradley Smoker Food Smoking Blog where we share a lot of exclusive tips & tricks.