Top 5 Critters You Can Hunt with Your Air Gun

Air guns are a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and there are plenty of amazing hunting opportunities to be had with them. From rising ammunition costs to loud noises, the benefits of owning and hunting wild game with an air rifle just keep getting better! Here are five different critters that you can go out and enjoy hunting with your air gun depending on where you live!

1. Rabbits

One of the most popular small game species out there, many hunters get their start by hunting for rabbits. Not only are they generally very common and easy to find, but they can be one of the easiest small games to kill which makes them great for beginners. And of course, you can even hunt them with an air gun! Rabbits are smaller critters that do not take a lot of speed or power to kill, making them perfect for air rifles.

2. Squirrels

While rabbits may be popular, squirrels are perhaps the king when it comes to the most popular small game that is pursued every year. There are many different breeds of squirrels, and they are all a blast to hunt. In addition to being an enjoyable challenge to hunt, they also taste great regardless of how you prepare them for the dinner table. Small and quick, they are a great critter to pursue with your air gun if you are looking for a challenge.

3. Birds

Birds are one of the most numerous species that most people will run across in their daily lives, but have you ever considered hunting them with an air gun? Not all bird species can be hunted this way, but many of the overpopulated species in areas such as pigeons and doves can be hunted year-round with air rifles in order to help control their populations. This gives hunters a great opportunity to practice and keep their skills up while helping keep the birds in check at the same time.

4. Coyotes

Moving up in size, coyotes are also a great critter to target with your air rifle. While they can be a challenge to hunt, they live almost everywhere and are very numerous. Because of this, most places have very liberal seasons on them, and you can hunt them at almost any time and with any weapon. This means a perfect way to break in the air gun and help manage the predator populations in your area.

5. Wild Hogs

Last but certainly not least, one of the favorite animals that people pursue with air guns is wild hogs. These things cause devasting damage to crops, fields, and food sources for other wild game, so many places allow you to hunt them with few restrictions. While you will need a higher power gear or caliber of gun to get the job done, wild hog hunting with an air rifle can be a ton of fun and help keep their populations under control!

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