How to Properly Care for Wild Game Meat in the Field

The great thing about hunting is that not only are you able to get out and enjoy the outdoors and spend valuable time with loved ones, but it can also provide you with some of the best meat on planet Earth. Game meat is extremely healthy when compared to other types of meat, and since it is wild it contains no antibiotics or hormones that you may find from livestock. 

When you finally fill your tag and get an animal down in the field, it is very important to know how to properly take care of this meat in order to get the most out of it. The last thing that you want is for anything to spoil or go bad because of improper care. Let’s go over some helpful tips on how to properly care for wild game meat while you are out in the field! 

Bring the Right Tools

Bringing the right equipment and tools is the most important step in the process of caring for wild game meat. Before you ever leave your house, you need to ensure that you will have everything you need in the event of a successful hunt. This includes things like a good skinning knife, a saw, game bags, and latex gloves. A good knife is paramount and needs to be the right size. If it is not one with replaceable blades, it is also a good idea to bring along a knife sharpener. Lastly, quality game bags will help keep the meat clean and away from insects while providing them with plenty of airflows to stay cool. 

Keep the Meat Cool

Speaking of airflow and keeping the meat cool, this is easily one of the most important things to remember while out in the field. Cooling down the meat will help to slow any bacteria and reduce the risk of it spoiling sooner. This is why it is so important to field dress and clean an animal as quickly as possible, especially when hunting in warmer weather. You should get help whenever possible if it means getting your meat to a cooler or freezer faster. Cooling the meat and keeping it that way should always be your number one priority once your tag is punched! 

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Keep the Meat Clean

Along with keeping the meat cool, try your best to keep it as clean and free from debris as possible. Keep the guts, hair, and other parts of the animal away from the meat whenever possible. When cutting up an animal, keep the hide in contact with the ground rather than the meat. Hang it in a tree or in your game bags in order to keep dirt and other things off of it, as the cleaner the meat the more you will get out of it. 

Final Thoughts

Caring for your wild game meat is very important, and is the whole reason many of us hunt in the first place! 

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