Do Scented Fishing Lures Actually Work?

Scented fishing lures have been around for some time now, but do they actually work? Can a scent actually attract a fish and convince it to bite? Many anglers often wonder and ask themselves these questions, and for good reason. Fortunately, there is some scientific research to give us some answers, so let’s dive deeper into it! 

Can Fish Actually Smell?

Many fish, such as bass, have two nostrils on either side of their head. These are called the anterior and posterior nostrils. Water will flow into the anterior nostril, over some nerves, and then back out the posterior nostril. As water with scent flows through, it is picked up by the fish and identified. So to answer everyone’s biggest question: yes, fish can actually smell underwater! 

Not only can fish smell, but they can also smell extremely well. In fact, some research suggests that a fish’s ability to smell is believed to be around 1,000 times better than that of a dog. Talk about a powerful nose! Fish use their incredible sense of smell in order to find food and identify each other. Predatory fish will smell their prey long before they ever see them, and use this to track them down. So now to the bigger question: do scented fishing lures actually work and help to catch fish?

Scented Lures

You have no doubt noticed when buying many plastic lures that the bags contain additional scents for some. These scents are designed to mask the original scent of the lure and create something enticing for the fish to bite onto. There are also a wide variety of different scents that you can choose from depending on your area. Bass can and will identify potential food sources by the scent alone, and these scented lures are meant to mimic their prey. While using a scented lure is not a guarantee of catching a fish, it is a major help and advantage when compared to using something that is not scented! 

Final Thoughts

So do scented lures actually work for catching fish? The answer is: not only do they work, but they can be a huge advantage if you are struggling to catch fish in an area where you know they are living! If you have never tried out a scented lure before, now might be a great time to give them a go and see for yourself if they can help bring you even more success while out on the water! 

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