5 Reasons to Try Spillway Fishing

Spillways are a great place to go fishing, and they have a lot of advantages. While they vary in length, width, depth, and location, there are plenty of reasons to try out spillway fishing on your next trip! Some of these reasons include:

Fish are Concentrated

One of the biggest advantages of spillways is that fish movement is impeded and so the fish will be more heavily concentrated. Where you catch one fish, there are sure to be plenty more where he came from so keep on fishing! 

There is a Variety of Fish

Another great benefit to spillways is the great variety of fish that you will find. You may just be surprised at just how many there are in some areas. For example, early season anglers will often be targeting trout but as the warm weather rolls in, other species such as bass, walleye, and catfish will move in and can all be caught at the same time. When fishing a spillway, be prepared to catch just about anything! 

Plenty of Food for Fish

Fish are always after food sources, and spillways provide that for them. From insects, crawfish, and fish to everything else, a spillway is like a grocery store for fish. You can take advantage of this by fishing here, especially after a rainstorm. Look for the hunting areas along the spillway where fish are actively hunting and you will no doubt find them! 

Plenty of Oxygen

Another vital resource for fish is oxygen in the water. Thanks to the spillway, there is usually more oxygen in this water than in most places. As long as this remains true, you will most likely find more fish here than anywhere else (especially for fish that are more reliant on oxygen than others). 

They are More Fun to Fish

Last but not least, the best reason to fish a spillway is that they are a ton of fun to fish! While this is more of an opinion than a fact, most anglers would agree that spillways are a lot of fun to fish because of all of the action that you can expect to experience. If you have never fished a spillway before, you owe it to yourself to try it out and see what you have been missing out on! 

Final Thoughts

There are even more reasons to fish a spillway, but these are five big reasons why you may want to look up your nearest spillway and head there on your next fishing trip! You may never want to fish anywhere else afterward! 

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