How to Tag a Velvet Whitetail Buck

There are a few states around the country that give hunters a great chance at killing a beautiful velvet whitetail buck. This is why states like Kentucky, South Carolina, Montana, and Colorado are popular destinations for hunters during the early seasons when deer are still in velvet. If you have ever wanted to tag out on a velvet whitetail buck, then you have come to the right place! 

Early Season Scouting and Hunting

It is no secret that to kill a buck in the velvet, you are going to have to hunt during the early seasons when the deer still have velvet on their antlers. Depending on the state and the area, this will usually mean hunting them in the months of August and September. It will also usually mean that you are limited to hunting with a bow, as there are generally only archery seasons that early in the year. 

Scouting Methods and Tactics

Scouting is your best friend when it comes to successfully killing a velvet buck. During the early season, deer will be in the patterns that they establish over the summer. With the right scouting, you can figure out these patterns and better capitalize on opportunities to shoot one. So how do you actually go about doing the scouting?

First, get yourself some trail cameras. Set them up on suspected food and water sources, as well as the trails leading to and from them. This will allow you to figure out where the deer are traveling and what times of the day they are doing it. Once you figure this out, you can place a treestand or ground blind in the right spot to ambush your early season buck where he least suspects it. 

Hunt the Food

When all else fails, find the food sources and you will no doubt find the big velvet bucks. The average whitetail buck will eat anywhere from five to twelve pounds of food in a single day. If you search around apple orchards, corn and alfalfa fields, and any other food sources that deer can use to feed on, then you will no doubt find some velvet bucks. 

Again, rely on your trail cameras to figure out which local food source has the highest concentration of deer. Deer are a lot like people and will have their own preferences and favorites. While some bucks may head for the local alfalfa field, others may like to hang around an apple or peach orchard. Find the food, use the trail cameras to figure out which are the most popular, and start your hunt there. 

Final Thoughts

Killing a big velvet whitetail buck can be very challenging, but it is extremely rewarding. By following these simple tips, you can increase your odds of catching a big buck in the open and achieving the goal of a velvet deer! 

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