The Most Popular States for Hunting and Why

Hunting is super popular around the United States, and there are many states that attract millions of hunters every year. Whether it is their beautiful scenery or abundance of animals that draws hunters to them, there are many states that stand out as the most popular!

1. Alaska

Alaska is easily the number one dream hunt location for many people, largely due to the variety of different animals you can hunt there and how hard it is to actually make it there to hunt. Because it is pretty far from the rest of the states and the animals like moose, sheep, and grizzly bear are more expensive to hunt, it remains on everyone’s bucket list near the top. 

2. Texas

Texas is one of the largest states in the country and has all of the animals to fill it up with. This state produces some of the largest whitetail deer in the country on a regular basis. It is also the state with the biggest population of wild hogs, giving you plenty of hunting opportunities. Texas also has plenty of exotic species that can be hunted, making it a big destination for many hunters from all over the country. 

3. Montana

Montana is one of the most beautiful and scenic locations on the continent. This alone draws millions of tourists a year, and many of those are hunters. The state also has healthy populations of elk and deer with long hunting seasons that provide a hunter with many days out in the field and a beautiful location to do it in. 

4. Colorado

Colorado is home to more mountains than any other state, which tends to draw hikers and backpackers. Hunters flock here too since this state has the largest elk herd in the country. In fact, there are so many elk that the state is one of the few in the country that offers elk tags that can be bought over the counter. On top of elk, it also produces some of the largest mule deer in the world. 

5. Wisconsin

Wisconsin might not seem like a popular location to go hunting at, but the numbers would prove you wrong. This state is known for its amazing whitetail deer hunting, as well as some great turkey hunting. With over 7 million acres of public land and lots of private deer hunting ranches, whitetail hunting does not get much better than this. 

6. Wyoming

Wyoming is the least populated state in the country, which means there is plenty of space for big game hunting opportunities. With over 31.4 million acres of public land, around half of the state is open to public land hunters and the other half of private land allows hunting as well. Wyoming has species like elk, antelope, deer, moose, bison, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat. 

Final Thoughts

While every state has its own uniqueness and attributes, there are definitely a few states in the country that seem to draw crowds of hunters every single year. 

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