Get the Best Out of Your Hunt: Venison Cuts and Uses

Do you want to get the most out of your next deer? Learning all of the different cuts and uses of venison can help you enjoy more delicious meals! Also, you can utilize every part of the deer without leaving anything to waste. This is how you can get the best out of your hunt: venison cuts and uses!

Get the Best Out of Your Hunt: Venison Cuts and Uses

Venison Neck

The neck meat is usually found with a lot of silver skin and fat. The venison neck is amazing for slow cooking because all of that collagen will break down in a slow heat. This gives the meat a great texture similar to that of a pork shoulder. 

Neck meat can also be used for meals that include shredded meat, such as tacos, burros, stew, tamales, or sandwiches. Because of its odd shape, it is great for shredding down and being versatile meat that has many uses. 


The size of the deer you kill will largely influence how much meat you get with the ribs. A smaller deer may not have a whole lot, but you will still be able to cut off the strips between the rib bones and use it for grinding into burger or meat for stew and chili. 


The shoulder meat is great for many things, and is one of the most versatile parts of a deer. You can use it for things like stew, braising, grinding into burgers, jerky, chili, and sausage. The shoulders are usually a little too small to make any steaks, but it can be used for just about anything else. 

Back strap

The back straps are largely considered the best cut on any deer. The only thing you need to remember with back straps is to not overcook them, and keep them medium rare for the best results. Back straps can be cut into small medallion steaks, left attached to the ribs for venison chops, or kept in larger pieces and stuffed and baked. The possibilities are endless, and the back straps will no doubt be one of your favourite cuts on your deer!

Get the Best Out of Your Hunt: Venison Cuts and Uses


The hindquarters are the biggest cuts of a deer and have the most uses. Because they are so large, you can cut them into steaks, jerky, stews, grind it down, or keep it in larger roasts. The entire hindquarter is actually made up of three different parts, the rump, sirloin, and shank. Each is different and can be used for different cuts of meat. 

Tenderloins and Organs

The tenderloins are a small cut that is usually only big enough for one meal and can be cooked just like a steak. Don’t forget about organs like the heart and liver either! These can be prepared into a number of different recipes that taste great and are extremely healthy. 

Final Thoughts

So this was our tips on how to Get the Best Out of Your Hunt: Venison Cuts and Uses! By learning a little about each of the different cuts on a deer, you can make your venison supply go a little further this year and maybe even try out new recipes for cuts that you didn’t know about. 

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