Smoked Ribeye Recipe

You don’t need much to prepare this Smoked Ribeye. Just salt, pepper and Pecan bisquettes. Dress steaks with grass fed Kerrygold butter and enjoy the best steak ever!


6 – 12 to 16 oz. ribeyes
Salt and Pepper
Pecan Bisquettes


‘- season 6 steaks with salt and pepper prior to smoking (mine sat for 2 days)
– set smoker temp to 200 F
– place 2 steaks per rack and use middle 3 racks locations
– place thermometer in smallest steak and place on top rack
– using pecan wood, start cooking and smoking while the smoker heats up
– cook until internal temp (prior to tenting and searing) hits desires temp (I ran to 120 F internal to get to perfect Medium Rare steak)
– pull off and tent for 10 minutes
– flash sear on 400 F grill for 1 minute per side
– dress steaks with grass fed Kerrygold butter and ENJOY THE BEST STEAK EVER!!!