Smoked Mojo Pork Recipe

This Smoked Mojo Pork Recipe is the result of a friend’s effort. A friend of mine, who lives near the Keys, stops at a little place that serves a Mojo Pork Sammich.  He has been working on the recipe to duplicate it and has come up with a super recipe for a great dish.

Pile cubed meat on a bun and cover with desired amount of mayo mixture. Serve with favorite sides. I hope you find this as good as I did.  Definitely on my to do again many times list.  Enjoy!




One 7 lb Boston Butt
1 or 2 bottles of commercial mojo sauce
1 bottle chipotle mayo
garlic cloves(lots)
kosher or sea salt
black pepper
chili powder
2 fresh limes


If you have a bone in piece of pork, remove bone and give to the dog.

After deboning, you should have 3-4 nice size pieces of pork.

Marinate overnight in the mojo sauce and the juice of 2 limes(optional on the limes).

Reserve marinade after you remove the pork for later use.

Stud the pork all over with garlic cloves.  Crush them if you wish.

Mix dry ingredients together equal parts except for the cumin.  Add about 1/2 as much of it (also optional).

Rub the pork with the dry ingredients and let it melt in while you’re heating up the smoker.

Once smoker is stable at your favorite temp, insert pork on top shelves.  A higher temp is recommended because you are only cooking to 175-180 degrees for 4-5 hours. Check periodically for done-ness.

Pecan wood is a nice choice for smoke flavor.

Once meat reaches at least 175 F but not more than 185 F, remove from smoker and FTC for one hour.

If you add any liquid, use some fresh mojo sauce.

Take remaining mojo marinade and boil until reduced by 1/2.

Cool mixture and add equal amount of chipotle mayo and whisk until smooth.

Remove pork from FTC and cube the meat into 1″ x 1″ pieces.

Pile cubed meat on a bun and cover with desired amount of mayo mixture.

Serve with favorite sides.


FTC Method

FTC stands for: Foil – Towel – Cooler

The FTC method helps to produce a more moist and tender finished product. On top of that, FTCing the meat allows you to keep the smoked meat hot for a while. Sometimes on a long smoke, the meat goes in the smoker the day before. It can be difficult to be precise in the timing and it may be finished an hour or more before mealtime. You can put the meat in the FTC and it can stay warm for 4 (or even more) hours.

F – Foil

Wrap the pork roast in aluminum foil. I double wrap it and make sure there are no open spots.

T – Towel

Wrap the foiled roast in a bath towel.

C – Cooler

Place the wrapped roast in a cooler. Just before I FTC the roast, I often pour a kettle full of boiling water in the cooler and close the lid. After about 5 minutes, I dump the water and add the foiled and toweled roast. This heats up the cooler ahead of time and slows down the cooling of the roast significantly. This is a great option when you need to keep the roast in the cooler for multiple hours.