Smoked Garlic Recipe

preparing smoked garlic recipe

I eat a lot of garlic and one of my favorite ways to prepare garlic is by roasting it. But when I want to give a dish like mashed potatoes, or my favorite soup recipe a little extra yum factor I add smoked garlic.


1 bulb garlic
½ olive oil
Pinch of salt



1. Cut off the very top of a the bulb of garlic to expose the top of each garlic clove
2. Rub bulb in olive oil and sprinkle top with salt
3. Place the garlic in preheated smoker at 150-165°F and smoke for approximately 1hour
3. Take the garlic out of the Smoker and Wrap bulb in aluminum foil

Smoked Garlic 1
4. Place the bulb with garlic back in the smoker for approximately 1 more hour until cloves are soft (I like to smoke garlic whilst smoking other things at lower temperatures like sausages or fish as most bisquettes flavours work well)
5. Remove garlic from smoker and add cloves to your favourite recipes, store remaining garlic in the fridge for up to 1 week