Smoked Beef, Pork and Jalapeno Stick Recipe

Smoked Beef, Pork and Jalapeno Stick Recipe

Jalapeno sticks for 10 lb

You can cut this to 5 lbs to just half the ingredients


You’ll need 9 lbs ground beef; either 85/15 or 90/10 lean, 1 lb pork butt or pre ground unseasoned pork and 17-19 mm collagen casing or 26 mm sheep or hog. To season, use 1 cup cold distilled water, 1 cup non fat dry milk, 5 Tbsp salt, 2 tsp cure #1 (level teaspoons), 4 Tbsp each jalapeno pepper powder, dehydrated jalapeno pepper and dehydrated bell pepper (Its about 1/4 cup). Then add 2 Tbsp paprika, 2 tsp granulated  garlic and 2 tsp allspice. 


    1. Grind or mix pre ground meats together. In a separate bowl, incorporate all dry ingredients with the water and stir well. Pour mixture into meat and mix very good. Next, place meat mix into stuffer, stuffing the casings to any length you wish. Refrigerate the stuffed casings overnight.
    2. Pre heat your smoker to 130°F (smoke generator on, BUT NO SMOKE) vent 1/2 open, no water in the pan. Hang sticks in smoker for one hour or until the casings feel dry to the touch. Then bump heat to 150°F and start applying smoke for 2 hours. On the third hour, increase the temperature to 170 F with 2 more hours of smoke. Continue with the 170°F heat, until the internal temperature of the sticks reach 152°F – 155°F.
    3. Upon reaching the internal temperature, turn heat and smoke generator off. Crack the door and let the sticks hang until they are shrivel and are cool to the touch; then take them out of the smoker. No need to shower these.
    4. Cut sticks to the length you like and vacuum seal. They can be frozen for up to 6 months.
    5. Note: if you’re going to refrigerate some sticks, use a glass or plastic gallon container with holes in the top for air circulation. A sealed zip lock bag will create mold and spoilage.

Additional Recipe Information:

      1. You can use 9 lbs of venison and 1 lb of beef fat to replace the ground beef and ground pork, if you wish.

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