Bradley Smoker launches the new Bradley Smart Smoker

Hand with smartphone in front of smoker

The Bradley Smart Smoker™ is the new automatic, electric food smoker from Bradley Smoker®. It features innovative iSmoke™ Technology, that allows you to connect with and control the smoker from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones in real-time. It’s the result of years of advancement and testing on existing smokers.

The idea for this smoker started in pursuit of achieving the best tasting smoked food, every time. Having control over every detail of the process of food smoking, allows barbecue enthusiasts and backyard foodies to create delicious, consistent results, without a lot of hassle.

Wade Bradley, owner of Bradley Smoker® shares the key to food smoking that was told to him many years ago, “The secret to food smoking is you must control the smoke and heat, plain and simple”. The best smoked flavour comes from cooking low ‘n slow, and with real-time control over temperature and smoke, you can relax or prepare the rest of your meal, without manually adjusting the smoker or adding wood all the time.

All Bradley smokers feature the innovative automatic feed system, where a hinged burner drops smouldering wood bisquettes into a bowl of water at regular intervals, to extinguish the wood when it turns to ash. This means the smoke burns cleaner, providing great smoked flavour and the best tasting food possible. Two separate heating elements allow to you continue cooking food in the smoker, even once the smoke has been shut off.

The Bradley Smart Smoker™ allows you to control settings from a user-friendly new touch screen on the front of the smoker, or from a smartphone with Bluetooth®. Settings display in real-time, so you’ll be able to bring out food at just the right moment and not overcook it. Another improvement is its larger capacity smokehouse, with room for 10 racks of food. Two removable, color-coded temperature probes allow you measure heat in different areas of the smokehouse simultaneously, for advanced monitoring.

For 30 years, Bradley Smokers have been known as easy-to-use electric smokers that deliver consistent results. “You can think of it as smoking goes high-tech” says Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible and the new Project Smoke, and host of Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke on Public Television.

Many cultures and cuisines from around the world have been smoking foods for hundreds of years. While it was originally used as a way to preserve and keep food without refrigeration, it has become popular again, along with other homegrown methods like pickling and fermenting foods, for the unique flavour it adds to dishes.

A variety of foods can be smoked, from meat and seafood, to more unusual items like cheese, vegetables and desserts. This cooking technique isn’t one to be rushed, and lends itself to relaxed, casual gatherings of family and friends. It’s the essence of slow food, taking the time to share a homemade meal with those around to you.

About Bradley Smoker®

Bradley Smoker® is the premium brand of automatic electric food smokers in North America. Bradley smokers are sold in major retailers across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand; they can be found being used by gourmet chefs, barbecue fanatics, and do-it-yourself home cooks.Bradley Smoker is a North American company that specializes in meat and food smoking products, including electric smokers, grills, wood bisquettes, cures and smoking accessories. Whether you’re a foodie, a sportsman, an outdoors type or a chef, food smoking is a great way to enhance the flavour of homemade food and add that extra special taste.