The Bradley Cookbook is out!

The Bradley Smoker Cookbook is the Go-To Guide for All Things Smoked

The Bradley Smoker Cookbook takes the art of smoking, a process that can be intimidating to the beginner, and demonstrates just how accessible it truly is.
The Bradley Smoker Cookbook features recipes from five of Bradley Smokers’ pro staff. The book includes more than one hundred pages of original photographs and recipes for soups, vegetable dishes, salads, wild game, fruit, clams, and numerous other dishes that wouldn’t typically be associated with smoking. From appetizers to desserts, The Bradley Smoker Cookbook features recipes that anyone can duplicate with their own smoker.

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Recipes include:
 Smoked Tuna and Avocado Salad
 Smoked Sweet Chili Nuts
 Elk Summer Sausage
 Smoked Sea Salt Caramels
 Cajun Smoked Catfish
 And many more!

You will also find tips and tricks on food smoking in general and the Bradley Smoker Bisquette Flavor Guide.
Whether you’re a veteran who is looking to get creative with your smoker or a novice who is looking for new ways to enjoy your kitchen—this book is for you!

About the Bradley Pro Staffers:

Lena Clayton is the co-owner of a full-service restaurant and catering business Cravings Restaurant + Lounge. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada.

Steve Cylka is a recipe developer, a food photographer, and the author of The Black Peppercorn, a website featuring original recipes. He won the Courvoisier Collective Culinary Masterpieces Competition in 2012. Steve lives in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada.

Kathleen Donegan is the founder and chief writer at the blog The Philly Foodist, which celebrates local, seasonal, and humanely raised food. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Brad Lockwood has been a commercial meat processor for the past twenty-five years, as well as the past president of the PA Meat Processors Association. He is the current host of Love of the Hunt TV. Brad lives in Brookville, Pennsylvania.

Jennifer L. S. Pearsall is a professional editor, writer, and photographer in the outdoor sporting industry, as well as the publisher of the popular blog Pearsall resides in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

ISBN: 978-1-63220-715-9
Price: $19.99 USD / $23.99 CAD