Bradley Smart Smoker Review

The new Braldey smart smoker

The High-Tech Secret to Perfect Smoked Brisket and Ribs - The Wall Street Journal

July 13, 2016

by Sal Vaglica

AT FIRST GLANCE, the age-old art of barbecuing doesn’t seem that complicated. Whether you’re preparing pork shoulder in the Carolinas, beef brisket in Texas or pork ribs in Memphis or Kansas City, the technique barely differs: You set a protein in a smoky, warm chamber (usually somewhere around 225 degrees) for a really, really long time—often morning ’til night. Cooking “low and slow,” as the barbecue mantra goes, melts the tough connective tissue of the meat, transforming it from ho-hum to fall-off-the-bone-tender and rich with flavor...

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