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A Smokin’ Easter Celebration!!

A Smokin’ Easter Celebration! Easter is coming and if you are hosting a family dinner over the holiday weekend, there is likely plenty of menu planning going on. This year, let your Bradley Smoker help you out, and turn this year’s feast into a smokin’ Easter dinner! On top of creating some delicious smoked meat,… read more

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Smoked Ribeye Strips and Sweet Pepper Fajitas

Smoked Ribeye Strips and Sweet Pepper Fajitas Most everyone who follows me on social media knows that my three-month-old, $3,000 refrigerator crapped out completely after nearly a half-dozen repairs and, thanks to the most discombobulated customer service system from LG Electronics, I am now in my fourth week without a working refrigerator and freezer. After… read more

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RUB 101

Rub 101 Anyone wanting to get serious about smoking, needs to learn the value of applying a rub to the meat before it goes into the smoker. The spices rubbed onto the surface of the meat are actually one of the most essential aspects of the smoking process. Try smoking two racks of ribs: one… read more

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SMOKED TURKEY LONDON BROIL: TURKEY PASTRAMI! My Bradley Hard at Work As another one of the new Bloggers for Bradley, I am very excited to be joining some really talented cooks and writers in exploring all of the wonderful things that can be done with Bradley Smokers. It is very motivating to be part of… read more

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Smoked “Pulled Pork” Meatballs

Smoked “Pulled Pork” Meatballs By Jennifer L.S. Pearsall, a.k.a. The Bacon Maven Weeks of seeming un-ending sub-zero temps, the “Polar Vortex,” and a February that is still light years from spring, you get a little cabin crazy. Not only does that mean I’m darn tired of pulling on 82 articles of clothing to walk the… read more

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Get to know Steve Cylka, and his love for food smoking!

Can you tell us something about yourself/family/living situation? I was a pastor for 15 years and a couple years ago we decided to make a change. My wife went back to teaching and I started the food blog and recipe development full time. We live in Toronto and have 3 kids. Our lives are filled… read more


Bradley Blogger: the Philly Foodist interview

Can you tell us something about yourself/family/living situation? I live, with my life long partner, Pat, and our four furry kids, in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States, right on the edge of South Philadelphia. We own a 200+ year old house – not really big – but with four floors of… read more

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Introducing our new Bradley Blogger; The Bacon Maven

We proudly present our new team member: Jennifer L.S. Pearsall! Jennifer is a food guru, with a strong love for bacon. That’s probably why people also know her as the Bacon Maven. She writes fantastic cook books and has her own food blog ( Please give a warm welcome to our new Bradley Blogger!! Can… read more

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Bradley Smoker Safety Tips

Using a Bradley Smoker should be a safe experience. There are certain things you should do to keep your smoker working in top-shape. Pay close attention, and you can enjoy your Bradley smoker for a long time to come. Basic Safety Tips Read all instructions. Use handles or knobs for hot surfaces. To protect against… read more

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Tips For Grilling Kabobs

Nothing makes your mouth water quite like the delicious aromas that come from sizzling Shish Kabobs. The combination of seasoned meats and vegetables skewered on a hot grill will make anyone want to belly up to the bar. Whether you load your skewers with beef, fowl, seafood, wild game or just produce, Shish Kabobs can… read more