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Easy and Delicious Small Beef Brisket

This is a great recipe for a smaller brisket. Beef Brisket is a very popular dish to smoke. The smoky flavour blends really well with the brisket. If this is your first time smoking a brisket, this is great step by step blog on how to smoke a brisket. Total Time:  6.5 – 7 hours… read more

48 packs of Bradley Bisquettes

Wood Flavour Bisquettes Tips & Tricks and much more

So you’ve gotten the hang of food smoking. When you have friends over for dinner, you’ve stopped prefacing every meal with “I only just bought this food smoker a couple months ago” or “this is my first time with this recipe so I don’t know if it works…” Now you proudly present your smoked food… read more

Smoked ice cream scoop

Smoked Bourbon Ice Cream

I’ve got a great idea! Smoked ice cream! I know what you’re thinking, “puddles of sooty cream in the bottom of my smoker…great idea…”, but hear me out. It’s amazingly delicious! When making ice cream, I prefer to use the custard method, it’s smoother and creamier and best of all, it can even be made… read more

Smoked Pepperoni sticks how to guide

Homemade Hickory Smoked Pepperoni Sticks

Curing sausages and meats can be a daunting task, but it is incredibly rewarding and the end result is worlds above any store-bought product you can find. True, there are some techniques you will have to master to safely produce a quality cured meat or sausage, but with modern technology and curing products it can… read more

Cold smoked salmon LOX

How To: Cold Smoke Salmon

Cold-smoking salmon has been high on my smoker to-do list for quite some time now, but to be honest, I was daunted. Salmon always seems so delicate and fickle and good Pacific Sockeye is hard to come by outside of the annual salmon run. Regardless of how good of a run we have, it’s never… read more

Bradley BBQ Grill party

Canada Day or 4th of July – Meat Extravaganza

My family moved into our current home eight years ago during the month of June. In the desire to have a bunch of family over and host a gathering in our new house, we had a big July 1st Canada Day BBQ. I did not expect that this was the start of an annual tradition,… read more

bradley smoker toolbox

The Smoker’s Toolbox

Almost every job or craft has its own set of tools. A carpenter needs a hammer, square, level, tape measure and saw to get the job done. A good photographer uses different lens, filters, triggers, lights and light modifiers to get the best possible picture. People who are serious about smoking and BBQ also have… read more

smoke chocolate recipe

Smoking Chocolate

Smoking is a technique that is well used in a variety of savoury dishes, but why not add a little smoke to dessert or a sweet snack? Smoked chocolate is one of my favourite ways to add that little extra something to an otherwise standard cookie or cake. Think about a classic chocolate chip cookie… read more

smoking meat Bradley smoker

Cleaning the Smoker..

Over the years, as I have used my Bradley Smoker, there are a number of friends and family who have taken the plunge and purchased a Bradley for themselves. It is hard to resist coming over for a BBQ and tasting some smoked ribs, jalapeno poppers or chicken wings and not be lured to the… read more

Smoking whole chicken blog

How to Smoke a Whole Chicken

Of all the foods that I have smoked over the years, one of my favourites has to be a whole chicken. Sure, I love ribs, brisket, pulled pork and smoked jalapeño poppers, but smoking a whole chicken is just amazing! I find that smoking a whole chicken will produce a very juicy bird that that… read more

Smoked olive tapenade recipe

Love ’em or you hate ’em

Throughout the years, I’ve changed my likes and dislikes, as most people do. I went from drinking a liter of milk a day to drinking absolutely none. From despising mushrooms, their presence in a dish rendering it inedible; to not being able to get enough of them (I have made a few more meals than… read more

Smoked chicken drumsticks on magic mats and rack

Is it done yet? Cooking times and internal temperatures guide

Food Smoking is one of the funnest and most satisfying things you’ll ever do when cooking. It’s amazing to be able to take some meat and make it taste 100x better with very minimal effort! Knowing the basics to food smoking is key to making sure your meat is smoked to perfection and cooked thoroughly.… read more