Scoop of colourful dry spices

How to Create Spice Rubs for Smoking

Now there are plenty of premade, premixed spice blends and rubs out there that you can test and sample, but why bother when you could just make your very own custom rub perfectly tailored to you and what you’re cooking? Too hard, you say? Well I do beg to differ. With this formula, it should… read more

Chicken wings

Game Day Snacks

Throughout the fall and winter, weekends are filled with football for our family. My son plays rep football and when we are not at practices or games, then we are watching football on TV. NCAA and NFL football get equal screen time in our house. The regular season of the NFL is over and the… read more

thin slices of cold smoked salmon

Cold Smoking Tips

Standard smoking protocols call for heat, temperatures exceeding 165°F to be precise. So not only do you impart that delicious smoky flavour into the food, but you also cook it. However with cold smoking you add smokiness while keeping the temperature below 100°F, thereby not cooking the product. This can be done by using a… read more

How to Make Sausages

For all those nervous to give sausage making a try, fear not, it’s easier than it may seem. I know the task may seem daunting and risky, but it is well worth the effort! And to help you along here is a guide to sausage making: Tip #1: Keep everything cool, clean and clear. You… read more

Family eating together at Christmas

Holiday Thoughts and Snacks

Christmas is a mere day away. It’s funny, here in Toronto, the weather has been so warm that Christmas crept up on me. Sure there have been decorations all over and Christmas music on the radio, but the mild temperatures have kept me from thinking too much about Christmas. The nice thing about the balmy… read more

Smoked loose tea

Smoking Tea

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who drink coffee and those who drink tea. I have always (and will always!) be one of those that drink coffee, the stronger the better. Don’t get me wrong, tea is fine. I know plenty of tea drinkers; some of my best friends prefer tea,… read more

Inside of a new food smoker with racks

Seasoning your Bradley Smoker

So, you have just purchased a Bradley Smoker! Welcome to the wonderful world of smoking. If you have looked through the manual you may have noticed that there is mention of ‘seasoning the smoker’ prior to actually smoking your first cut of meat. You, like me, may have been frustrated. There is that rack of… read more

Grilled beef with rosemary and garlic

Grilling in the rain

Bradley Smoker has come out with a new tool for the backyard chef and am I ever excited! Bradley’s new propane BBQ has me hanging up a tarp over my Vancouver patio and joyful cooking away in the rain. Grilling in the rain, I’m grilling in the rain! My Bradley BBQ has quality cast-iron grills… read more

Blue grill on a backyard deck

The NEW Bradley Backyard BBQ

With regards to meat, I am either smoking it or grilling it. It does not matter what the weather is like outside, I always try to take my meat out to the back deck and toss it in the smoker or throw it on the grill. So, I was happy to hear that Bradley Smoker… read more

Bradley deluxe rotisserie BBQ with open lid

The Bradley Ultimate Grill

Combine the Bradley Ultimate Grill with the Bradley Smart Smoker, and you can have the complete backyard cooking ensemble. With 924 sq. inches of cooking space (84,000 BTU), you can comfortably cook for 6-8 people. Complete with 5 individually controlled main burners, 1 side burner, and 1 infrared ceramic rotisserie burner the possibilities are truly… read more

Jim Beam Black searing grill

Jim Beam Black Searing Grill

Grilling and Jim Beam are synonymous with sharing good times with family and friends. The Jim Beam Black Searing Grill will not only grill up the perfect meal for you and your guests, but its sleek design will be a designer fit for your outdoor living space. With 696 sq. inches of grill space (55,000… read more

Bacon wrapped turkey in a Bradley Smoker

A Smokin’ Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this week and I am hosting my family over for thanksgiving. This year we are heading up to the cottage for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait. While the temperature has been getting much cooler lately, it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I have a Bradley Smoker at the cottage, so I… read more