Smoked Sesame Ginger Wasabi Salmon

This week on the Bradley Smoked Food Recipes Video Series Ted Reader explains how to Smoked Sesame Ginger Wasabi Salmon. If you love fish, well, even if you don’t love fish, you’re sure to love this smoked salmon recipe from Chef Ted Reader. Chef Reader walks us through how to make Smoked Sesame Ginger Wasabi Salmon that… read more

Bradley Smoker in the Provincial Election

For those in Canada, and specifically in Ontario you are likely aware of the provincial election that has begun. Our staff came across a great “shout out” to Bradley Smoker this morning by one of the candidates running for premier. Bradley Smoker would like to thank Tim Hudak for giving the Bradley Smoker a shout out on… read more

Bradley Smoked Food Recipes Video Series – Texas Smoked Brisket

This week on the Bradley Smoked Food Recipes Video Series Ted Reader explains how to smoke a Texas Smoked Brisket. Ted walks us through step-by-step on how to smoke brisket to perfection.  Brisket is widely known as one of the hardest and toughest meats to cook.  That’s one of the main reasons we have asked Ted to… read more

New Bradley Smoker Video Series

We are proud to announce a new Bradley Smoker video series with tons of new smoked food recipes with Chef Ted Reader.  Ted is an expert Chef and food entertainer! We have teamed up with Ted to bring you a variety of different food smoking ideas and recipes that will make your mouth water.  Ted will give you… read more

The Basics of Food Smoking Temperature

Food Smoking is one of the funnest and most satisfying things you’ll ever do when cooking.  It’s amazing to be able to take some meat and make it taste 100x better with very minimal effort! Knowing the basics to food smoking is key to making sure your meat is smoked to perfection and cooked thoroughly. … read more

How to Smoke Cheese

When selecting your cheese you really don’t need to buy premium grade cheese or anything special. Anything will do and you don’t need to break the bank.. Smoking cheese, 1.5 inch strips to allow the smoke to penetrate the cheese. The process is very easy, it’s about the same as smoking anything but you will… read more

Bristish Food Smoking Shoutout

I was reading a story today entitled “With the barbecue season in full swing, I go in search of the great British rib” you can read the full article here if you would like!  Tom is an avid BBQer that talks about his trip to London “For a start, I’m here for the ribs, rather than quelling… read more

Bradley Propane Smoker

So I was searching around on YouTube and came across this awesome video about our Bradley Propane Smoker by Bob Izumi from  Bob is the host of Canada’s longest running fishing show. Bob Izumi has traveled the globe seeking out exceptional fishing opportunities and for over 25-years he has shared those adventures with anglers from across North… read more

Beef Ribs vs Pork Ribs

I got the question from Allen Johnson about Beef Ribs vs Pork Ribs.  Personally, I am a big fan of Pork Ribs and prefer them to Beef Ribs. Beef ribs are typically chewier and fattier than pork spare ribs. Both Beef Ribs and Pork Ribs can be barbequed same way but use different spices.  The actual ribs… read more

Smoking Homemade European Style Sausages

Olin Miklik today shows us everything there is to smoking homemade european style sausages.  He first stats off by putting whatever smoking bisquette flavour that you like.  He puts a metal bowl with water in it to add a little moisture to the air.  He puts everything in at 400 for 8 hours.  Half way through the process he turns… read more

Cold Smoked Cheese

Found a really cool video on YouTube today about cold smoking cheese.  They smoke some random cheeses, garlic cheese, farmers cheese, amish cheese, and a variety of different cheeses with apple pellets in the Bradley 6 Rack Smoker.  He has it piped into his Traeger Grill so he can have the other grill smoke the pellets and the Bradley… read more

Fathers Day Smoking Ideas

Fathers Day 2011 is coming up quick, it’s only 3 weeks away.  One of the greatest gifts that you can give Dad besides the Bradley Smoker is a wonderful smoked meat meal.  I wanted to point out a couple quick recipes so that you can prepare now to get ready for this big day. Below… read more