Where to Go Frog Grabbing

Frog grabbing, or “gigging” as it is commonly referred to as is hunting for frogs in and around the water. Frogs can grow to some large sizes and make for some excellent meals, so there are many places around the world where people focus on grabbing them in order to eat. It is also a lot of fun at the same time! So where do you go if frog grabbing is high on your list? There are plenty of different places to look if you want to catch some frogs! 

Get the Right Gear

Before you ever head out, it is important to get the right gear. While you can definitely grab frogs using just your hands, it is extremely difficult and will cause you to miss a lot of frogs during your time hunting. Instead, most expert frog grabbers will use a tool called a gig. This tool is essentially a spear with a special head that is used for grabbing the frogs. 

Properly spearing a frog will ensure that it does not escape and will give it a quick and painless death. Your gig is one of the most important pieces of gear, but don’t forget other things like a headlamp (as the best time to hunt is at night) and some bug repellant. 

Finding the Frogs

Like we mentioned, the best time to hunt for frogs is at night. But where do you find them? There are a few different places along the water that frogs like to hide, and this is where you should start your search! 

The Shallows

Frogs love to live and hunt in shallower water, especially waters that are 2 feet or less. Whether hunting around a river, pond, or lake, walk slowly and carefully around the edges and shine your lights in the shallows. You should be able to see the eyes of the frogs that are in the water, as well as those that are still sitting on the shore right around the water. This will give you a chance to strike when close enough! 

Weeds and Cover

Another excellent place to start searching for frogs is around thick covers such as weeds, branches, and tall grass. Frogs love these types of areas as it gives them protection and keeps them safe from other predators. It also allows them to stay hidden from their prey as they hunt. With a good gig, you can search around weeds and other cover and use it to spear frogs from their hiding spots if you have good eyes and move slowly and carefully. 

Final Thoughts

Frog grabbing straight from the water is a lot of fun, and afterward, you can be rewarded with a great meal!

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