How and Where to Hunt Manchurian Pheasants

Pheasant hunting is without a doubt one of the most popular forms of bird hunting in the entire world. Not only are these birds beautiful, but they are a lot of fun to hunt and taste delicious. One of the best pheasants to hunt that is quickly becoming more and more popular with hunters is the Manchurian pheasant. What are these birds and where can you find them? Let’s talk about it!

Manchurian Vs Ringneck Pheasants

Almost every hunter is familiar with the infamous ringneck pheasant, but even veteran bird hunters would have some trouble telling apart the ringneck from some of the Manchurian pheasants. This is because the two species look almost identical! Only a few key differences set them apart, and these differences are what more and more farmers and hunters are turning to when it comes to raising and hunting them.

Manchurian pheasants are slightly larger than your average ringneck pheasant, and while almost the same exact color, they have a wider white ring and a white spot near their ear. This is one of the few ways to tell them apart. What really sets them apart from ringnecks, however, is that they are much better at surviving when released into the wild. Not only can they roost in trees to escape from predators, but they can survive even the harshest of winters when ringnecks might otherwise not.

Where to Find Manchurian Pheasants

More and more hunters, farmers, and landowners are starting to breed and release Manchurian pheasants for hunting purposes the more they learn about how hearty these birds are. So anywhere you would typically find your average ringneck pheasants (which are introduced as well) there is a good chance you can find some Manchurian pheasants that have or will be introduced in similar areas. Again, this is all up to the landowner and what they want to introduce onto their property.

How to Hunt Pheasant

Lastly, hunting Manchurian pheasants is exactly the same as hunting any other species of pheasant. They like to live in the same areas, so walking around and flushing them out is a great way to kill them. Bird dogs are also extremely effective when hunting the Manchurian strain of pheasants just as they are with other bird species.

Final Thoughts

With more and more people turning to Manchurian pheasants for their hunting, there is a good chance you may actually have some near to you! If not, they are definitely worth taking a look into if you want to hunt an amazing bird or raise some for hunting for yourself! 

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