Top 3 Ways to Prevent Your Hunting Dog From Overheating

Your hunting dog is not only your companion on a trip, but they are often a part of the family. This means taking care of them while out in the field is extremely important, and should be taken seriously. One important factor that many hunters should consider is ensuring that their hunting dog does not get overheated during a long day of hunting. Dogs are different from humans, and can more easily overheat due to their high activity levels and thick fur.

While temperatures can vary depending on the location, it is much easier for the dog to get hot and overheat than it is for a human. So how can you help them? Here are three ways to prevent your hunting companion from overheating!

1. Take Plenty of Breaks

While it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of a great day of hunting, it is important to remember to take plenty of scheduled breaks throughout the day. These breaks will not only give your dog some time to rest his legs but will allow him to properly cool down before working again. You may also need a break too! Regardless of the hunting, this is also a good time to give them some water, which leads us to the next tip!

2. Water is Key

Unless you are hunting in frigid temperatures, water will be your dog’s best friend on hot and long days of hunting. Make sure that they have access to plenty of clean, cool water in order to stay hydrated and cool. If there is a nearby creek or pond, you can also let them take a quick swim in order to quickly cool them off if you find yourself hunting on a hot day. Just make sure they have plenty of good drinking water.

3. Create a Summer Conditioning Plan

By far the best way to prevent your dog from overheating is to make sure that they are in proper shape before going out to hunt. This can be done by conditioning them long before hunting season and getting their bodies used to the amount of activity. Just as running and working out allows you to walk, hike, or run longer distances without tiring as easily, the same works for your dog! Getting on a simple exercise plan can help them stay in shape throughout the remainder of the year and be ready for hunting season once it rolls around. 

Final Thoughts

Your hunting dog can easily overheat if you are not careful due to its fur. As the owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is taken care of and not overheating!

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