Top 5 Best Replaceable Blade Knives

While sharpening and honing a knife blade is an important skill to master, it is hard to beat a replaceable blade knife when you are hunting. These knives are lightweight, convenient, and extremely sharp due to their scalpel blades. Most modern hunters and anglers have fallen in love with these knives, and have one in their pack while on the mountain. But which ones are the best? Let’s take a look at five of the best replaceable blade knives on the market today! 

1. Havalon Piranta

Havalon is the company that started the replaceable blade movement, so it is no surprise to see their original design here on the list. The Piranta is one of the most popular replaceable blade knives out on the market, and it has proved its worth over the years. With a stainless steel handle and a frame-lock construction, it is a great knife that comes in at just under seven inches of total length. 

2. Tyto 1.1 

Combine a scalpel with a solid hunting knife and you get the Tyto 1.1 knife. With an overall length of 7 and a half inches, this knife is made right here in the US and perfects the term ‘minimalistic’. It features a comfortable and practical paracord-wrapped handle that makes it comfortable and perfect for potential emergencies with extra paracord. 

3. Outdoor Edge RazorPro

If you want a replaceable blade knife that makes it as easy as possible to swap the blades, then the Outdoor Edge RazorPro is the obvious choice. Not only are the blades thicker and bigger in order to avoid breaks like with those that use scalpel blades, but this knife makes it as easy as the push of a button in order to change out blades quickly and safely. 

4. Havalon Talon Hunt

Another offering from Havalon, the Talon Hunt knife was designed for hunters who want the most amount of versatility from their hunting knife. Not only does this knife upgrade its blade swapping system to make it easier and safer, but it comes with a variety of blades like a gut hook, fillet, and serrated blades in order to tackle any job that might come your way. 

5. Gerber Vital Pocket Folder

Gerber created their own unique design to swap blades that is as easy as lifting up a tab and pulling out the old blade. Put a new one in and you are ready to get back to cutting. It features a very comfortable rubber grip so that your hand doesn’t slide or slip, and it comes in just shy of 7 inches of overall length. 

Final Thoughts

Having a good replaceable blade knife in your pack can be invaluable on a hunt when you finally punch your tag and get an animal down. You will never have to worry about having a dull blade ever again! 

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