How to Spear the Biggest Pike Fish

Spearing fish is one of the oldest and most primitive ways that you can get a pike. This method of fishing is still practiced today, especially in colder climates where ice covers the water for a large portion of the year. Killing a big pike with a spear takes some practice and skill, however, so let’s go over what you need to know in order to spear the biggest pike fish! 

Keep Your Surroundings Dark

One of the most important things that you can do is keep your surroundings dark so that the fish can’t pick out your silhouette from the water. An ice fishing house, or “darkhouse” is essential for getting the biggest fish. Make sure that no light can make it inside so that you can stay as hidden as possible from the larger fish who are naturally more skittish. 

Use a Good Spear

It is essential to have a good spear when you are trying to spear a pike. The heavier the spear the better, as the added weight will help it dive deeper into the fish when it hits it. This is even more important when hunting for pike, as these fish can be very large and are extremely tough. Hard scales will prevent a subpar spear from killing them, so experiment with different types of spears to find the right one for you. Keep them sharp, and get plenty of practice! 

Utilize Decoys

Just like with other forms of fishing, having some bait is essential for attracting fish. You should come prepared with different types of decoys that are different shapes, colors, and even sizes. Try to pick out the ones that resemble the prey in the area that you are hunting. For pike, realistic decoys that resemble things like suckers or smaller pike will always seem to work pretty well. Test out different decoys if you are not having any luck with the ones that you are using! 

Get Plenty of Practice

Spearing a fish is very different from catching one on the end of a line, so it pays to practice using your spear before you ever head out to the ice. While you do not necessarily need to spear anything, practice the motions so that it can become muscle memory. This will make you much quicker and accurate when the moment of truth finally comes along. Those who take the time to get a little bit of practice will no doubt experience more success. 

Final Thoughts

Spearing a fish is a primal activity that can become extremely addicting. Hopefully you now have a much better understanding of how you can go and spear the biggest pike out there! Just remember to have fun and above all else, practice safety first at all times. 

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