Top 5 Elk Hunting Arrows and Broadheads

Bowhunting for elk is one of the most popular hunts that hunters dream about. But elk are large, tough animals and you need to be careful on what bowhunting equipment that you are using. Using the best elk hunting arrows and broadheads is essential for successfully killing an elk in the woods. So what are some of the best elk hunting arrows and broadheads? Let’s take a look at five broadheads that will not let you down and kill you a bull! 

1. G5 Montec Fixed Blade 

When it comes to fixed blade broadheads, there are few as strong as the G5 Montec. These heads are available in 85, 100, and 125-grain versions, but the larger 100 and 125-grain tend to be the best choices for elk. These are incredibly strong and are able to be resharpened, giving you more uses out of each broadhead. Since broadheads can be very expensive, a tough head that lasts longer is a huge advantage! 

2. Rage Hypodermic

If you are a hunter that prefers mechanical broadheads to fixed blades, then the Rage hypodermic is by far one of the most popular heads out there. These broadheads have the durability to punch through bones while still keeping razor-sharp blades for maximum damage. They also fly extremely well, although you need to ensure that the state you are hunting allows mechanical broadheads for elk! 

3. Slick Trick 

Slick Tricks are another great fixed blade option that will give you some of the most reliable and consistent flights when compared to other fixed blades. Fairly priced, these smaller broadheads are considered to be very reliable and many elk have fallen to them. Available in 85,100, and 125, these broadheads are sharp and deadly when used in conjunction with the right arrows. 

4. Magnus Stinger Buzzcut 

The Magnus Stinger Buzzcut is a fixed blade option that was designed to be simple, yet effective. The blades are made from stainless steel and razor-sharp right out of their package. They also feature serrations for even more damage on an elk. With its two blades, it is very basic and simple, but a very effective tool for your next elk hunt. 

5. Innerloc Shape Shifter Broadhead

Last but certainly not least, another mechanical option is the Shape Shifter from Innerloc. This unique broadhead flies extremely well and spreads out on impact with an elk. These are easily one of the most accurate broadheads on the market, but they do come at a higher price tag. For the reliability of a fixed blade but the performance of a mechanical, these are a great pick! 

Final Thoughts

Without the proper gear, you will never have the best chance of success in the elk woods. One of the most important pieces of gear that you will be using is your broadhead, so take care in finding the right one. All of these five broadheads are tough and proven, and could be your next ticket to killing the bull of a lifetime! 

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