Top Tips For Hunting Snow Geese

When it comes to geese, there are few as exciting as snow geese. Snow geese hunting is one passion that can easily turn into an obsession. And now with social media helping to fuel the fire, snow geese are as popular as ever! But hunting these amazing birds can be a little challenging at times, especially if you do not know what you are doing. 

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at a few important tips for hunting snow geese that will help you find success on your next hunting trip! 

Watch the Weather

One of the biggest factors that will contribute to a great day of hunting is how the weather is behaving. This is because there are big differences in your tactics and setup if you are hunting bright, sunny days versus stormy and cloudy days. During storms, make sure that your decoys are as visible as possible. But whatever you do, don’t let bad weather dissuade you from hunting. Often the best snow geese hunting can be found during bad weather and storms. 

Bring the Right Equipment 

One downside to goose hunting is that it is very tough on your gear. You will want to ensure that you bring along all of the right equipment and that it is all quality stuff. The last thing that you will want to deal with during the middle of a great hunt is some kind of gear malfunction. It is also important to remember to bring everything you are going to need. Make a list of everything a snow goose hunt will require, and pack accordingly. It is not a lot of fun forgetting something essential when you finally get out to your hunting area! 

Stay Concealed

Staying hidden while hunting for geese may sound easy enough to do, but it can actually be quite difficult when hundreds or even thousands of eyes are looking in your direction. You can stay concealed a lot easier when you are wearing the right camo and use the natural brush and terrain to your advantage. Stay low and move slowly, and the geese will have a much harder time trying to pick you out from the surrounding area. 

Use Decoys

Using decoys will add to your success rate on any hunt that you use them on. Geese, much like ducks, will feel much more comfortable coming into an area if they think other geese are already there and it’s safe. When in doubt, don’t be afraid of adding more decoys to your spread and putting them into different patterns. You will get a good feel of how to set up decoys with enough practice, so it is important to always be using them! 

Final Thoughts

Hunting for snow geese can be a little challenging at first, but will quickly become one of your most favorite things to do. Follow these tips and you will no doubt find much more success while hunting these amazing birds! 

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