Top 5 Bass Species To Catch

Bass fishing is the most popular fishing sport in the county, and for good reason. Many people aren’t aware that there are actually many different bass species that can be caught. Let’s take a look at the top 5 bass species that you can pursue!

1. Largemouth Bass

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first! The largemouth is the most popular bass species in America, and most likely the world. These fish are great fighters and super aggressive, making for an excellent fishing experience. The largemouth are similar to their smaller cousins but brighter green in color and much bigger in size. 

2. Smallmouth Bass

While their bigger brothers might get all of the attention, the smallmouth bass are just as good of fighters and worthy of the glory. In fact, pound for pound they are an even better fighter. These fish are smaller in size and darker in color than the largemouth, and they like to live in different areas like those with colder water and strong currents. While you can find both types in the same areas, there always seems to be one that is more prevalent. 

3. Spotted Bass

Spotted bass resemble largemouth bass very close in color and size, and the easiest way to tell the two apart is by its jawline. A spotted bass will have its jaw end before its eyeline, while a largemouth has a much larger and longer jawline. These fish love to live in similar areas to both largemouth and smallmouth. 

4. White Bass

White bass is one of the most underappreciated bass species out there, and many anglers don’t even consider them a sport fish. They are extremely easy to catch, however, making them a great choice for beginners and kids. White bass prefer to live in larger lakes and reservoirs and live in large schools. So when you find them and catch one, you can usually catch a bunch of them!

5. Yellow Bass

Yellow bass is one of the smallest members of the bass family, and they are not as hard of fighters as their larger family members. In fact, they rarely will weigh more than a pound. Even beginners that do not have a lot of fishing experience will have no problem at all catching one. They are a great fish to eat though, and one of the best-tasting bass species out there. And since they are not actively pursued, you will usually not find any competition while chasing them. 

Final Thoughts

While largemouth bass is easily the most sought-after species, many people don’t realize just how fun it can be to chase after the other species that are out there! If you have never fished for them, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. 

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