5 Clever Ways To Use Zip Ties in Fishing

Zip ties and fishing are two things that aren’t usually associated with each other, but you might be surprised to find that a simple plastic zip tie can be used a lot of different ways out on the water. Let’s look at five different ways you can use them to help you out!

1. Secure a Skirt

We have all had a spinnerbait, buzzbait, or jig that has sat out a little too long, and the rubber band that holds the skirt together starts to dry rot and snap. It can also get caught on something in the water, tearing and breaking it. Here is when you can take a small zip tie and use it in place of the rubber band. This will perform the job just as well (if not better) than any thin rubber band. You can also put one over the top of the band to secure it before it has time to break, plus there are also several colors available to match any skirt you have. 

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2. Modify a Buzzbait

You can modify something like a buzzbait from a single hook to a treble hook by bending the hook in towards itself, essentially creating a large eyelet that you can put a treble hook on. The only problem with modifying a hook in this way is that there will always be a small gap that will never seal completely. Here you can use the clicker end of a small zip tie and position it in between. This way the treble hook can never reach the gap and come off. 

3. Secure Gear and Tools

An obvious use for zip ties of any size is to secure your gear and tools around your fishing area and boat. If there is anything that you don’t want to lose in the water, you can zip it down to ensure it stays put. For example, you can secure a holster for your pliers onto your seat or rail in order to have quick and easy access to them whenever you might need them. 

4. Secure a Trailer Hook

A trailer hook is an additional hook that can be slid down the point of your main hook, then through the clicker end of a small zip tie. Snip off the excess zip tie and you have a trailer hook keeper that will not go back past the barb of the main hook. 

5. Make a Wacky Rig

Bass fishermen love the wacky rig, and a zip tie can be an easy way to assemble one. Simply place your plastic worm below your hook, and use the zip tie to connect it to the hook. Clip off all of the excess zip tie and you are good to go!

Final Thoughts

A couple of simple ties in your pocket or tackle box can be a lifesaver on your next fishing trip if you follow these clever ways to use them.

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