How and Where to Hunt Wild Boar

Wild boars are some of the most widespread and hunted species on the planet. These pigs can be found on many different continents, and have more hunting opportunities than you can count. So where are the best places to hunt wild boar, and how do you even do it? Luckily you have come to the right place!

Where to Find Wild Boar

While you can find wild boar in many different countries, one of the best places to hunt them is in the United States. These animals run wild in many of the states, with populations that are out of control. For the best hog hunting in the country, look to the southern Gulf states like Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. These states have warmer weather, lots of water, and plenty of forage for them to eat, resulting in explosive populations. 

Other states have good wild boar populations as well, including California, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. In all of the states that they are found, look for the main food sources in the area and you will no doubt find the pigs. 

How to Hunt Wild Boar

There are a few different ways to hunt boar, and each one will depend on your own preferences and the terrain you are hunting in. The first is hunting over bait. This can be a very effective method in many areas as hogs are always hungry and looking for a quick meal. By placing some bait out and waiting, you can usually attract some hungry wild boar to the area. 

Another popular method is hunting boars with the use of dogs. The hunting dogs will smell and track down the pigs, and chase them down. The dogs will either corner the animal until the hunter can arrive and dispatch it, or even bite and hold it down until the hunter can get there. Hunting with dogs is not legal in all areas, but it is very popular in the areas where it can be legally done and enjoyed. 

If dogs or baiting is not used, most hunters will pursue wild boars by either still hunting or spot and stalk. These two methods are very similar and involve moving around and searching for the pigs. This is done by moving silently through the locations you suspect they are living, looking to spot them before they spot you. Spot and stalk can also be done by getting up on a high vantage point and using optics to search the surrounding areas for boars to hunt. 

Final Thoughts

Wild boar is a fun animal to hunt and thanks to their widespread availability, almost anyone can go out and hunt them. Once you find a place to go and know how to do it, hunting wild boar will become one of your favorites. 

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