Sea Monsters: How to Catch Big Tuna

Tuna are an amazing and delicious fish found all through the world in warm waters. They are presumably the most regularly pursued ocean gamefish. They regularly gather in tremendous schools and can be seen breaking the surface pursuing trap. They frequently chase after porpoise and can be gotten under schools of those. So how do you catch these giant fish?

Tuna Facts and Bait

Tuna eat an enormous number of various things including baitfish like mackerel, squid, and tiny pelagic crabs. All of these make great baits, although tuna can be caught with lures as well. Tuna have huge growth spans during their lifetimes. They can grow in size of 400lbs, in spite of the fact that these fish are heavily pursued by humans and other predatory fish. 

Like all fish, they pull hard for their size. They never jump when snared, in spite of the fact that they have emerged from the water to snatch a lure or draw. At the point when you get them close to the boat, they turn sideways and swim in huge circles making it a long fight to get them in the boat. It’s basically difficult to wrestle the bigger ones in rapidly regardless of what tackle you are utilizing. They are extraordinary gamefish and are incredible to eat. 

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Tuna Tackle

You should scale your tackle to the size of fish focused on. Little schoolies of tuna in the 10-15lb size are great fun on light tackle, while the enormous ones require hefty gear and loads of 100lb twisted line. A great starting point for gear is to get an Accurate Platinum ATD 50. Load it with heavy lines and leaders, and be ready for the fight of your life. 

Tuna can be caught with lures and baits. Numerous methods will work. These fish frequently feed close to the surface so topwater methods can be utilized. Every so often they will hit topwaters when they will not hit whatever else. Like all fish, they have a very great visual perception so you should attempt a fluorocarbon leader to hide your line. You can pair your lures with live bait or cut pieces of baitfish, as this will help keep the fish around the boat for long periods of time. 

Another great method for catching tuna is trolling. When trolling, try out things like feathers, cedar plugs, and lures with plastic skirts. Make sure whatever you use has strong hooks, and you can even change them out if you need to in order to ensure strength and sharpness. 

Final Thoughts

Catching tunas is literally catching sea monsters. These fish can grow to giant sizes and are one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean!

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