Why Hunting is Important

Hunting has been a part of human existence since the beginning. It is extremely important and provides many benefits. Some people may disagree. However, there is no dismissing the importance and benefits that hunting and conservation efforts bring to the table. 

Benefits to Wildlife

In order to benefit wildlife, managed hunting helps to regulate game numbers and helps to prevent the spread of disease amongst animals. It also helps to reduce overgrazing, and actually allows game numbers to increase. Having too many game animals such as deer or elk in an area can quickly exhaust their food sources which will have a negative impact on more than one species. 

Hunting can actually increase animal numbers as well. One example of this is bear hunting. Male bears will often attack and kill cubs when given the opportunity. By hunting the older boars, the cubs will have a chance to grow to maturity. By sticking to these specific and responsible management plans, hunting can have many different benefits. 

Personal Benefits and Importance

Hunting also has plenty of great benefits for a conservationist. One of the biggest is the food source it creates. Hunting wild animals provide clean, organic meat that can be used to feed the hunter and their families. Not only does it taste great, but you can be sure that the meat will not be full of any steroids or artificial substances that you might have to worry about in other meat sources. It is the healthiest you can find. 

Another great benefit for a hunter is the experiences they will get while out hunting. While things like hiking and camping are excellent ways to enjoy the great outdoors, hunting will give a person the opportunity to see places that no other activity can.

Conservation and Funds

Hunting is absolutely a viable and necessary activity, even in today’s world. As mentioned, hunting helps to regulate animal populations that may need it. One of the greatest benefits hunters and hunting in general give is the dollars spent to help wildlife conservation. No one donates as much as hunters, and it is estimated that hunters generate more than $1.6 billion every year towards conservation. 

Whether that is through donations, licenses, tags, or a tax on guns, ammo, and gear, hunters pay more towards protecting and conserving animals than anyone else. All of these funds are then put right back in towards the animals and conservation work. Game animals are not the only ones benefitting either. Projects such as water catchments that provide a drinking source in hot climates will benefit all animals, not just the big game. 

Final Thoughts

So why is hunting important? Every person will have a different answer to this question, but one thing we can all agree on is that it is necessary and extremely important!

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