Predator Hunting: Pursuing Bear, Mountain Lion, Coyote, Wolf, and Bobcat

These days, predator hunting can be a controversial topic. But make no mistake about it, hunting the predators is essential to keeping a balanced ecosystem and they must be managed. There are many different species of predator to consider, and each one is extremely different. Let’s take a look at these predators, and which ones you might want to go after on your next hunting trip!

Bear Hunting

Bears are some of the largest and most popular predators in North America. The most popular and widespread species is the black bear, followed by brown bears and polar bears. Black bears can be hunted in a variety of different ways. The first is spot and stalk and involves using binoculars to spot the bears. Next, you have hound hunting, which takes place with a pack of hounds that will track and tree a bear that then gives a hunter the opportunity to shoot it. 

Bears can also be hunted over bait, which is one of the most effective ways to hunt them thanks to their always hungry stomachs. Bears are big, tough animals that have amazing noses and are always a blast to hunt. To best hunt bears, always be aware of their noses and what the wind is doing. You should also aim a hair higher for a bear’s vitals, as their long coats can be deceiving. 

Mountain Lion Hunting

Mountain lions are big cats that can be found throughout the western half of North America, and are very elusive and are rarely seen. These animals are some of the most efficient predators in the world and feed on animals like deer, elk, wild pigs, rabbits, and turkeys. These giant cats are almost exclusively hunted with hounds due to how hard they are to find. 

You will never forget a good mountain lion behind dogs. Most of the time it is done from horseback, which is an adventure in itself. Following the dogs through the mountains or deserts until you finally hear them howling that they treed the cat is a great adrenaline rush!

Wolf Hunting

While bears can be somewhat controversial among nonhunters, wolves definitely steal the spotlight when it comes to hunting predators. Wolves are extremely smart and often hunt in packs. The most successful wolf hunters will often hunt them by spot and stalk, listening for their howls. Wolves are very vocal, and will often howl to keep in contact and communicate with their pack. They can also sometimes be called into range with predator-calling tactics. 

Hunting wolves can be a little daunting, as they are very smart animals. They are also found in super cold areas, so you will be fighting the weather as well. You will want a strong rifle that can shoot far ranges, as wolves will rarely come close once they catch on to humans in the area. 

Coyote Hunting

Coyotes are the most widespread predators on the continent and occur in the highest populations. They are very vocal just like wolves. Coyotes are best hunted by predator calling, using sounds that mimic dying prey animals. In some places, coyotes can also be hunted at night.

Hunting coyotes involves a lot of stealth and silence. Sneak into your target area as quietly as possible, and try to remain motionless as you call with the predator call. When you spot a coyote, slowly move your firearm in their direction and get ready to shoot at the first opportunity that you get. 

Bobcat Hunting

Bobcats are a lot like mountain lions in the sense that they are elusive, solitary animals that are rarely seen by people. The best way to hunt these predators is through the use of predator calls like coyotes, although many hunters will also use hounds to chase and tree them as well. 

Bobcats are similar to coyotes in that you need to be as quiet as possible, although wind direction is not as important. What is important, however, is your movement. Bobcats rely on their eyes for protection, so wear plenty of camo and sit as motionless as possible. 

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of predators that you can go out and pursue, and each species is unique. Predator hunting offers a different experience than other forms of hunting and is well worth the effort. 

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